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Dazzle Яebel takes the rule book and rips it up in the way only an outsider to humdrum normality can. With politically charged lyrics, he tears a hole in the cult of celebrity and the very fabric of modern society. While other tracks take a more introspective look and ask familiar questions about what it is to be human. The music is influenced by 60’s Rhythm & Blues and Psychodelia, 70’s Progressive Rock, Funk and Disco, 80’s Hard Rock and Electronica & 90’s Alternative Rock and Indie. Throw those elements in a bronzed melting pot and serve it up the renegade way and what you have is the Dazzle Rebel Sound. It isn’t music that’s designed to be a 3 minute pop sensation and in these days when overproduced, vanilla music rules the airwaves, this can only be a good thing. It isn’t music-by-numbers it’s songs for the soul.

-The Renegade Spark

Debut Single Out Now!

Fortitude Single Cover Idea 03

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Dazzle Rebel, 2020
Dazzle Rebel at the Sal Notts March 2011
Dazzle in New Generation Superstars, 2011
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell Shout
Dazzle Rebel backstage in 2005
Dazzle and Scotty in BOD 2005 by M Lyel
Dazzle in Red Star Rebels, 2005

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