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Dazzle Яebel takes the rule book and rips it up in the way only an outsider to humdrum normality can. With politically charged lyrics, he tears a hole in the cult of celebrity and the very fabric of modern society. While other tracks take a more introspective look and ask familiar questions about what it is to be human. The music is influenced by 60’s Rhythm & Blues and Psychodelia, 70’s Progressive Rock, Funk and Disco, 80’s Hard Rock and Electronica & 90’s Alternative Rock and Indie. Throw those elements in a bronzed melting pot and serve it up the renegade way and what you have is the Dazzle Rebel Sound. It isn’t music that’s designed to be a 3 minute pop sensation and in these days when overproduced, vanilla music rules the airwaves, this can only be a good thing. It isn’t music-by-numbers it’s songs for the soul.

-The Renegade Spark

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Condor Leader – Mini-Album

Released 23rd July 2021

Condor Leader is a bit longer than an EP but shorter than a full album. It’s a mini-album, if you like. Featuring the singles “Back Home and Sober” and “Blood Red Valentine” plus 4 more alternative, post-rock, post-punk, post-grunge, folk-rock, new-wave revival masterpieces! It’s Fringe Rock at its best.

What the critics say:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dazzle Rebel is not a rebel without a cause but with one due to the songwriting suss of Condor Leader.

Dannis Jarman – PLanetMosh

Blood Red Valentine – Single


Released 29th January 2021

Blood Red Valentine is a track I wrote several years ago now. I originally wrote it for Red Star Rebels but it didn’t really fit the music we was playing back then.

Written from the perspective of a total dick, who emotionally abuses his long-suffering girlfriend. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the very serious topic of abuse and mental health. Not something to be made light of but sometimes, the best way to highlight the absurdity of a dark situation is with some gallows humour.

The reason for the tongue-in-cheek lyrics? Well, I was beginning to get into Rockabilly, so I was listening to a lot of suicide ballads and old school Rock N’ Roll teenage tragedy songs at the time I wrote it. This was back in in mid-00’s, so you had a lot of Emo bands who were also trading on the whole suicide and teenage tragedy theme. I wasn’t really into Emo, I’d had my sulky teenager phase in the mid-late 90’s. I was more into the whole glam rock and sleaze revival, so I was also poking fun at the whole Emo scene.

As for the rumour that it’s also a pot-shot at My Blood Red Valentine? Well, I’ll leave that up to the listener to decide!

Back Home and Sober – Single

Released 1st December 2020

Remember that time when going out and having a blast with your mates was all that got you through the week? That’s what Back Home and Sober is all about.

Some songs can be written in minutes, other’s take a little longer. Back Home and Sober is one of those tracks that took a long time to put together. The verse riff was something I’d had knocking around since the late 90’s. The chorus came next, a couple of year later but it wouldn’t be until around 2007 that I’d got the basics of the song mapped out. I recorded a few demos over the next few years but then mothballed it as I wasn’t in a band and didn’t have the confidence to go it solo.

Then the 2020 lockdown happened and I decided “what the hell”, and decided to self-release some material myself. Back Home and Sober would be my second solo single.

The Attic Transmission – Double EP

Released 5th October 2020.

The Attic Transmission is a double EP with two distinctive sounds. EP1 is The Attic Transmission, a studio concept EP that tells the story of a dystopian world filled with political corruption, pollution and megalomanic mega-corporations (sound familiar)? It speaks of the people and planet fighting back and ends with a tale of an apathetic individual finding inner strength.

EP2, The Attic Sessions is introduced with a live intermission. It’s a series of demo recordings written for a band that never was. Although this band no longer represents where I’m taking my music, I felt that this music would never see the light of day if it wasn’t released as bonus material.

Fortitude – Single

Released 11th May 2020.

Some songs write themselves and Fortitude was one of them that just rolled off my guitar. I have always found that songwriting helps me deal with what’s going on in my life and that was certainly the case with this track.

During a particularly dark episode, I poured a whisky, picked up my guitar and started playing. By the time I had emptied my whisky glass Fortitude was complete and my state of mind had improved dramatically.

Fortitude is a very personal track but if it helps you find some solace too then I am pleased to have helped you in any small way.

The lead single from The Attic Trasmission EP. Fortitude was written in the summer of 2019 and recorded, mixed and mastered during the first UK Covid-19 lockdown in April 2020.

Dazzle Rebel, 2020