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There are many ways to support a DIY Recording Artist and on this page you can find the best ways to support what I, and many like me do.


These things cost you nothing!


It really is FREE and easy to support me and you’ll get lots of FREE content in return. All you need to do is follow me on whatever platforms you use from the list below. Then, ‘like’ my posts and leave a little comment. I love comments. I really love comments, in fact. It’s often the first contact I have with you and I really enjoy chatting with you. So don’t be shy, say hi!

Every ‘follow’, ‘like’ and comment helps boost my social profile. Yes, it’s totally FREE but it really, really helps. Thank you, you’ve just performed an awesome little piece of social unlocking!

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*I’ll put the asterisk symbol here as there’s a caveat to the ‘freeness’ of the music. You’ll need to be on one of the major streaming platforms to perform this awesome bit of support. That may be free for you or you may pay a subscription. Maybe, you might even be on someone else’s package, in which case why not ask them to do the same as I’m about to ask you?

Streaming platforms are fantastic things for music fans. As a listener, I have used iTunes (now Apple Music) and Amazon Music in the past but I’m currently using Spotify, though my music is available on all of these. The thing is that while it is easier than ever for an underground artist to get onto these platforms, getting seen and heard is another story entirely.

This is where you can help. All you need to do is to click the follow button (or ‘favourite’ button on Spotify) and start listening to my music. For a bonus, click the ‘save’ or ‘favourite’ button next to the tracks you enjoy. If you’re on a premium service then it’s possible to download those tracks too.

All of these things are logged and help massively with getting my music noticed by the algorithms. If you’re a bit of a playlist-making demon then you can go the whole hog and add my tracks to your playlists. Now that really helps!

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Digital Downloads

While you can buy my music through Amazon, Apple and a number of digital marketplaces, one of the best ways as far as me the artist is concerned, is to do it via Bandcamp.

I put my best music deals on Bandcamp and you can often find FREE downloads there too (you’ll just need to sign up to my mailing list). If you’re feeling particularly generous you can also pay more than what I’m asking. Bandcamp takes 15% of all sales, which isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things.

You can also create your own fan profile and follow me for updates (and Bandcamp exclusive releases). There are literally thousands of awesome artists on Bandcamp, so once you’ve followed me you can continue to explore and find even more great music!


There are two places that you can show your support by buying merchandise. Physical music releases are available on Bandcamp. T-Shirts and other apparel are available from Tee Spring (links below). Buying merchandise means a great deal to me as you are buying into the brand. Thank you very much.


If you like what I’m doing, you can send me one-off tips. These can either be small amounts or as much as you like. Everything goes towards making more music and related content. If you don’t trust me to spend it wisely, then you can always send me something on my Amazon Wish List! Regardless, I thank you!

You can use the website to donate below or this PayPal link if you prefer:


Help me continue to make music and send me a one-off tip!

You can also send a monthly donation, all the money collected goes directly into funding new music and creative endeavours!

You can prefer to send an annual donation, all the money collected goes directly into funding new music and creative endeavours!

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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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These are just some of the ways that you can support me, the music and the content I create. Regardless of if you’re on a tight budget and choose the free options or if you’re pretty flush and also become a member, I thank you. Any support from you is very much appreciated.

Keep the music flowing!

Dazzle Rebel