Music Production

Producer & Mix Engineer

I record, produce and mix my own material and this has led to me being asked to either mix or produce tracks for other artists. In 2023 I began producing and mixing for others and have found it just as enjoyable as creating my own music.

Every song I work on gets the same love, care and attention that I’d give my own material. Actually, it probably gets even more! I love taking what someone else has created and making it pop. Depending on your requirements I can do everything from putting the finishing touches to the tracks you’ve recorded in a professional studio to working with your demo and help you forge a masterpiece.

Just like the mixing legend that is Andrew Scheps (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Black Sabbath, The Hives, Metallica, U2, Audioslave etc), I mix entirely “in the box”. I have a wide range of professional plugins that help colour the sound with that gorgeous analogue vibe but with the benefit of being able to work remotely. Just send me your multitracks and let me work my magic.

If you haven’t been able to record your tracks in a pro studio, don’t worry! If you have the ability to record the tracks to a decent standard at home I can work with those. Even if your track is in an early demo stage, I can help with that too. As a producer, working with an artist to develop their material is incredibly rewarding.

Full Production Examples:

Lianne Kaye – Glow

For this full production, I was given two acoustic guitar tracks, two lead and two backing vocal tracks and a click track. From there I built the arrangement up from programming the drums, writing and performing the bass and electric guitar tracks and adding some backing vocals. Finally, I mixed and mastered it before delivering it. Hands up, I was listening to Paramore’s “This Is Why” album a lot when I did this.

Mixing Examples:

Man In The Box – Jared James – Alice In Chains Cover

This was an incredibly fun track to mix. Trying to get close to the Alice In Chains original, whilst adding some modern touches to the mix was an interesting exercise.

Chelsea – Dragged Under (Pop Punk)

I wanted to give this song the vibe of being a vinyl record handed to a DJ at a party. The intro has that vinyl snap, crackle and pop in mono before the track truly kicks in as though the DJ has flipped the stereo switch on his decks. You’re reminded of the vinyl record motif at the end of the song.

Chris Liepe – Everlong (Foo Fighters cover)

As this cover is very true to the original, I wanted the mix to complement that. Using the authentic Foo Fighters track as a reference, I brought this track as close to the original sound as possible.

Marc Martel – Don’t Stop Me Now (Queen cover)

With this mix, I balanced bringing this sacred Queen classic up to sound like a modern production while keeping much of that original 70s vibe.

If you’d like to enquire about hiring me for your project or have any questions, please use the contact form below and I’ll be in touch asap.

As a member of the Produce Like A Pro Academy, I have the privilege of working on great material from some fantastic artists. From putting the finishing touches to a mix to full-blown music production, I enjoy doing it all.