About Dazzle Rebel

I forge songs in a furnace and temper them with icy lyrics. It’s raw and honest. It’s music from the edge. I am a songsmith crafting music for outsiders, songs for the brave. It’s what I call Fringe Rock.

Dazzle Rebel
Dazzle Rebel – 2021


Dazzle Rebel is a Fringe Rock singer-songwriter from Nottingham.


Born in Luton on the cusp of the Generation X and Millennial cohorts, Dazzle Rebel lives in a void between generations. Existing outside of conventional time and space he refuses to follow five-minute trends. His music mixes retro rock and the avant-garde. It’s a sound that is heavily influenced by the alternative rock scene of the 1990s and rock legends that dared to colour outside the lines, such as David Bowie and Warren Zevon. After all fashion changes but creativity knows no bounds and a good song is timeless. It’s music that is best described by the term Fringe Rock.

He was a founding member and Bass Guitarist for the London-based sleaze rock band Red Star Rebels and a former bass player for underdog Leicester rockers New Generation Superstars. He is now based in Nottingham, a city he fell in love with when touring the UK with his former bands. From this adopted hometown he has been surprising seasoned journalists with his homemade music recorded in his attic, with Planet Mosh giving a glowing 5-star review of his sophomore EP Condor Leader.

His lyrics range from politically aware social satire to heartfelt introspectives and everything in between. He is not afraid to push buttons or take satirical pokes at subjects many consider taboo. In a world where too many artists fear being cancelled it’s a refreshing perspective to take.

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