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New Single: Blood Red Valentine, an anti-Valentine’s Day anthem!

With Valentine’s Day less than one month away it’s time to announce my new single “Blood Red Valentine”, an anti-Valentine anthem for those who are sick of the overly commercialised holiday. The track releases on all major streaming platforms and is available to buy and download from Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon music from 29th January.

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Dazzle Яebel – Songsmith * Biker

Dazzle Rebel is a multi-creative with a long career as a songwriter, stage and studio musician, radio DJ and video presenter and has a big passion for motorcycles.


Dazzle Rebel has performed with many established acts including members of Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie, Alice Cooper and many others. He was a founding member of Red Star Rebels, bassist in New Generation Superstars and guest bass player for Brides of Destruction filling in for Nikki Sixx. As a songwriter, he has created a vast songbook of music including collaborations with other artists with styles ranging from hard rock and metal to electronic and ambient soundscapes. He is currently writing music for creative media while working on new music for his solo career.

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Dazzle Rebel’s love for motorcycles runs as deep as his love for music. His growing Moto Vloggin’ YouTube channel “Dazzle Rebel Rides” gives him an outlet to share that love with other motorcycle enthusiasts. Due to the growing reputation of this channel you could argue that he is better known in some circles as a YouTube MotoVlogger than he is a musician!

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