Dazzle Яebel takes the rulebook and rips it up in the way only an outsider to ‘normal society’ can. With politically charged lyrics and lamenting the cult of celebrity, he aims to tear a hole in the fabric of society. Ballistic bass grooves and glittery guitar hooks complete the story. It’s a unique take on Rock’n’Roll that takes the elements of 60’s Rhythm & Blues, 70’s Progressive Rock, 80’s Hard Rock & 90’s Grunge, throws them in a bronzed melting pot and serves it up in the way only a renegade of society can. It’s neither big nor particularly clever but it’s certainly unique. In days when overproduced pop and watered down rock rule the airwaves, this can only be a good thing.


Like many bored teenagers in a small town where not a lot happens Dazzle Яebel could have stayed locked in the concrete prison of urban decay and suburban boredom, safe in blissful ignorance of the big wide world outside. But that wouldn’t have contented the young Rebel, he wanted out and music was his avenue to freedom.
So while other kids filled their lives drinking cider in the park and throwing stones at the windows of abandoned warehouses and factories, Daz used music as an escape route. It took several failed attempts but eventually he had a band that was half decent enough to start gigging outside the local area. The bright lights and seedy bars of London beckoned but Dazzle quickly realised that in order to get any further he’d need a better band.

The better bands soon came along in a crazy decade-long tour of love n’ lust, hate n’ greed, not to mention relentless gigging, grafting and of course partying!  Kicking off with Indie Rock band ‘Surefire’, whose dedicated fans followed them around the country, he was then a founding member of Hard Rock band Red Star Rebels.  This bagged him an Indie Award, a role as touring bassist for Brides of Destruction and an offer to move stateside to become a session musician. Finally his time in New Generation Superstars saw him tour the UK and Finland and a helped him find a new lease of life for song writing and live performance.

After taking a sabbatical from making music to concentrate on DJing and motorbikin’ he’s back making music once again.