Playlists for the brave…

As a lover of all kinds of music, you can’t accuse me of being square. Sure, I’m a rocker at heart but I don’t listen to nothing but rock. This is where you’ll find personal playlists, curated with a theme in mind for each.

I add new playlists every few months, or so. Sometimes I’ll change a song or two here and there. If you would like to suggest a new playlist concept, please feel free to get in touch.

An introduction to the sound of Dazzle Rebel.

Themed Playlists

Music from the edge! This is Fringe Rock.
Rock music from artists with links to Nottingham.
Nasty Pop Rock with more hooks than a cloakroom!
A selection of acoustic-based rock.
A selection of tracks that stick the middle finger up at Valentine’s Day!
Remember being a lusty teenager in the ’90s? You may well have gotten it on to these tracks!

Seasonal Playlists

Pump it up this Spring with these slammin’ rockers!
Sizzling Summer rockers!
Alternative Rock tracks that are perfect for Fall.
A selection of cold hard rock tracks for a gloomy winter day.

Other Genre Playlists

Songs to keep you cool in a hot city!
Chilled tracks for cruisin’ about by car, motorcycle or yacht!
Soul and Motown Classics.
Summer tracks so chill they’ll keep your ice pops cool!
Everything here is chill-filtered!

Rock Vibes Rock Night Playlists

Rock Vibes Party Tracks!
Dazzle Rebel’s Rock Vibes Take-Over!
Rock Vibes Floor Fillers!