Playlists for the brave…

As a lover of all kinds of music, you can’t accuse me of being square. Sure, I’m a rocker at heart but I don’t listen to nothing but rock. This is where you’ll find personal playlists, curated with a theme in mind for each.

I add new playlists every few months, or so. Sometimes I’ll change a song or two here and there. If you would like to suggest a new playlist concept, please feel free to get in touch.

Themed Playlists

A selection of tracks that stick the middle finger up at Valentines Day!
A selection of soft rock, acoustic rock and other chilled tracks, to make your day shine.
Music from the edge! This is Fringe Rock.
Remember being a lusty teenager in the ’90s? You may well have gotten it on to these tracks!

Seasonal Playlists

A selection of cold hard rock tracks for a gloomy winter day.
Alternative Rock tracks that are perfect for Fall.