Diabolical Halloween Limericks

Happy Halloween Ghouls! As it’s Halloween I made up some Diabolical Halloween Limericks on my way to work today. Be warned – they ain’t for the young or easily offended!

There once was a young handsome sprite
Whose hauntings did cause such a fright
To the women he laired
As he ‘had’ them upstairs
And they screamed and they yelled with delight!


There was an old man from Frome
Who would never leave his home
When his house caught afire
It was his own funeral pyre
And now as a ghost he does roam


Once upon a time lived a rat
Who thought she could fly like a bat
She jumped off a cliff
But fell like a brick
And now she’s just blood, piss and shit

The Good Tagline ~ or ~ the art of successful bragging

Having spent over half my life in and out of bands I have often been responsible for writing the band biography or tagline. I am sure that over the years I got better at it but when I look back at some of the things I wrote it does make me wonder, “what the hell was I thinking”? Continue reading “The Good Tagline ~ or ~ the art of successful bragging”

Midnight Jotter ~ or ~ the convenience of a notepad for the creative mind

Have you ever had a burst of inspiration in the middle of the night, something so good that you couldn’t possibly forget it by the time you wake up? Of course inevitably you do just that. The amazing revelation that could be your brightest spark in the dark is lost to the ether. Continue reading “Midnight Jotter ~ or ~ the convenience of a notepad for the creative mind”