24th April – NaPoWriMo


The Greens

The green is growing well in the office
As sweet peas are climbing totally flawless
Tomato plants are taking root
Sprouting from an old work boot

So yes the office is looking green
Much more relaxed and squeaky clean
A much better office space
A credit to the human race

Killing Nemo ~ or ~ Shooting dead fish in a barrel

As I discussed yesterday I have a cushy office jockey job that earns my daily bread. It’s a pretty simple role when you look at it but because I’m “a bit handy” with manual tasks too I tend to be roped into all sorts of errands that any other company would “get a man out” for. This can be anything from basic carpentry to trying to get dead fish out of the boss’s fish tank. Continue reading “Killing Nemo ~ or ~ Shooting dead fish in a barrel”