It’s Fringe Rock and I Like It

To celebrate the official release of my new single ‘Let Me In’ I have updated my Fringe Rock playlist with some awesome tracks from Confyde, Billy Nomates, DEADLETTER, The Rebel Yell$, You Want Fox, Kelsey Cork and the Swigs, Pricey (ex The Chats), Amyl and the Sniffers, Surfbort, Hoon, The City Kids, The Wristslitters, Mortimer Nyx, Verity White, Inward Strange, Maggie Foley, deep tan and loads more!

So, if you fancy a change from the generic rock music you’ll hear on the radio this afternoon, stick on Spotify and download this playlist.

This Is Why It’s Good To Be A Freak – New Music Friday

Before you start furiously shouting at me in the comment section that the music that I’m talking about today isn’t strictly “new” music. Not in the sense that it’s been released in the past month, well, kinda. Regardless of that, it’s new to me and I freakin’ well love it! Okay?

It’s cool to be a freak. That’s what all the cool kids say anyway. The trouble is those cool kids claiming their freak credentials are often anything but freaks. They’re the norms. Sure, such artists may target the real freaks and geeks but usually, they themselves are anything but freakish and different. They’ll often and quite predictably have the backing of a major record label and have a sound that’s been polished to remove all the patina. They’re often quite dull, actually.

That’s certainly not the case with the music that I’m bringing you today. First up is a band that wears their freak credentials on their tattooed sleeves. This is a band that puts the “eak” in “freak”! People of the world, I give you Surfbort.


Surfbort are not afraid to be different. They are freaks because that’s who they are, not because that’s what a label is pushing them to be. They were the kids that wore fancy-dress to the supermarket, the kids that licked the ice on metal rails just to get stuck and give their mates a right good laugh. They are exactly how they look, it’s not an act. They’re total nutters and I love them!

I mentioned earlier that the music feature this week isn’t “new”. The Surfbort track I’m bringing you is from their 2021 album “Keep On Truckin'” but they have just dropped a brand new video for the song “Open Your Eyes”. A video that features none other than skateboarding legend Tony Hawk! So, it’s kinda new, sort of.

The song is an infectious pop-punk number, in the traditional pop-punk sense, not this modern auto-tuned bollocks. It’s complete with a sunkissed, surf-rock feel-good vibe and I can’t get enough of it.

The music video is really close to my heart. No, I’m not a skateboarder. Far from it. My Marty McFly aspirations were killed back when I was around seven or eight and had an oversized adult skateboard that was just too difficult to do anything with. I am however someone who makes my own music videos and the DIY green screen efforts in this flick are something to be proud of. There is no attempt to hide the janky animation and I don’t think anyone would suggest that it wasn’t intentional. I absolutely love it. A middle-finger to over-produced bullshit and that’s something I fully embrace.

Open Your Eyes (Official Video) – Surfbort Ft. Tony Hawk
Keep On Truckin’ – Surfbort – Album 2021
Pub Rock for the Masses

My second music this pick also hasn’t released anything “new” in the past month. However, I only heard about them a few weeks ago and they’re totally busting the fuck out of America at the moment. I present to you Amyl and The Sniffers.

This Australian band is a riot of Punk and Pub Rock. The music they produce is raw and punchy. It’s like visiting some dodgy shithole pub somewhere in the outback and getting into a fight with the natives.

They are certainly not the kind of band that you’d expect to be featured on mainstream US TV but that’s exactly what happened recently on Late Night with Seth Meyers!

Amyl and The Sniffers – Late Night with Seth Meyers

The band are the epitome of “No Fucks Given”. Just get out there and play your nuts off, the music you wanna play not the music some suited arsehat is saying sells.

They’re a band that I’m sure will cause a riot when they hit the UK. Which is why I’ve already got tickets for the 5th June show at Nottingham Rock City!

What music have you been rockin’ this week? Anything you think I should be aware of? Leave me a comment or hit me up on social media. Have an awesome week!

Dazzle Rebel