The Social Sourpuss ~ or ~ the four basic categories of social network users

Facebook Fascists, MySpace Puritans, Twitter Totalitarianism. Across all forms of social media you get that person who joined network early on and begged and pleaded for other people to join in and be their friends, followers or be part of their circle, their globally social clique. As time went on and the networks became more and more popular they started complaining about version updates, added features and Continue reading “The Social Sourpuss ~ or ~ the four basic categories of social network users”

Collaborative Culture

Social Media Highlights from the week that was 11-17th March 2013

Any why not? That was my thoughts on using the week’s social media highlights to kick-start my return to regular blogging. Social media is a surefire goldmine which should be exploited by bloggers more frequently, where else can you find dancing cat videos right next to a long bitchy post from someone proclaiming they want their ex dead? So here is the first in what will hopefully be a long and regular series and will also include the odd highlight from my own bewildered social ponderings. Continue reading “Collaborative Culture”