Collaborative Culture 18-24th March 2013

Social Media Highlights from the week that was 18-24th March 2013

“You can’t blame them for losing, they’re only English” – A Welsh Rugby Fan, Facebook.

England got well and truly hammered by the Welsh in a game when Wales never really looked in danger. The problem I have is not with the match itself, it was won fairly and squarely by the Welsh team but the aftermath was not what you’d call sporting by ‘modern standards’. What I mean by that is everything was very civilized. There was just a critical analysis of the game from both sets of fans, a little bit of mickey-taking but generally all in good humor. Football, it’s fans and certainly it’s players can learn a lot from rugby. There is too much business wheeling and dealing in football, it’s a game for sharks. The fans are mostly uptight and blinded to how heartless their players perform and the players, well if you pay someone a yearly wage that many wouldn’t see in a lifetime, regardless of how they perform on the pitch you’re asking for it. I was so impressed by the way the 6 Nations was organised and the conduct of the fans I’m actually starting to become a bit of a rugby fan again for the first time in over 15 years! Continue reading “Collaborative Culture 18-24th March 2013”