Snow Fun ~ or ~ how to ride a motorcycle in the snow

SnowKwakaDaz proves that riding a motorcycle all year in all weather is not only possible but enjoyable too

Despite spending the past 14 months as an all-season biker I do have to admit that up until last weekend I had yet to be truly tested in the snow. I had used the flurry before Christmas as a good excuse to work from home for two weeks until the weather improved, reasoning to my boss that I’d be worth more to them alive warm and cosy at home than as a frozen slab of meat by the side of the road. He agreed and bar a brief snowbound trip to the supermarket for supplies the Kawasaki remained tucked away in the garage. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was missing out on a lot of fun. Continue reading “Snow Fun ~ or ~ how to ride a motorcycle in the snow”

Collaborative Culture 18-24th March 2013

Social Media Highlights from the week that was 18-24th March 2013

“You can’t blame them for losing, they’re only English” – A Welsh Rugby Fan, Facebook.

England got well and truly hammered by the Welsh in a game when Wales never really looked in danger. The problem I have is not with the match itself, it was won fairly and squarely by the Welsh team but the aftermath was not what you’d call sporting by ‘modern standards’. What I mean by that is everything was very civilized. There was just a critical analysis of the game from both sets of fans, a little bit of mickey-taking but generally all in good humor. Football, it’s fans and certainly it’s players can learn a lot from rugby. There is too much business wheeling and dealing in football, it’s a game for sharks. The fans are mostly uptight and blinded to how heartless their players perform and the players, well if you pay someone a yearly wage that many wouldn’t see in a lifetime, regardless of how they perform on the pitch you’re asking for it. I was so impressed by the way the 6 Nations was organised and the conduct of the fans I’m actually starting to become a bit of a rugby fan again for the first time in over 15 years! Continue reading “Collaborative Culture 18-24th March 2013”