Thermonuclear Apocalypse ~ or ~ Why we’re not out of the radioactive water yet

Since I can remember I’ve had recurring dreams about the “Dying Day”. As soon as I could talk I would give detail descriptions about my nightly escapades in this hellish scene to my worried Mum who no doubt wondered if she had given birth the reincarnation of Nostradamus or even possibly the Anti-Christ. These apocalyptic dreams would come and go in bouts throughout my childhood leaving me a bit obsessed with the Cold War and post-apocalyptic sci-fi themes. This could also explain why I became so enthralled in the thrashing guitars and doom-mongering lyrics of Megadeth but this post isn’t about psycho-analysing my childhood it’s actually my argument as to why we should still be wary of nuclear war. Continue reading “Thermonuclear Apocalypse ~ or ~ Why we’re not out of the radioactive water yet”

You’re Pulling my Pump

Another off topic rant from me today but I promise to keep it quick. Now put aside the ridiculous amount we’re taxed on petrol and diesel and ignore the high profits that oil giants announce every quarter because those gripes are obvious to anyone who hasn’t got their very own oil well in their back garden. Fuel prices are unreasonably high even though yes we should be driving around using alternative fuel sources already, this much is taken for granted. However what shouldn’t be taken for granted is having to wait for half an hour to spend over the odds on petrol when your tank is running on fumes. Continue reading “You’re Pulling my Pump”