10th April – NaPoWriMo


Sore Throat

I really don’t want to sound a bore
But my throat today is very sore
Seems lack of sleep and scattered diet
Has turned my larynx into a riot
I’ve taken to sucking Fishermans Friends
In the hope the pain will end
I understand that could be misconstrued
But I meant the sweets so don’t be crude

My throat really is killing me today, I’ve been battering a cold for the past 4 days but it’s developed into a painful throat. Does anyone have any decent remedies that work?

9th April – NaPoWriMo


If the Iron Lady had a Heart

When the country was an empty kettle
There arose a woman made of metal
And tore unions apart
This lady’s not for turning
But don’t you be presuming
She didn’t have a heart
She wasn’t tender or too gentle
And never sentimental
When she closed the mine shafts
She was friends with Ronald Reagan
And shifty as a Raven
It was a thankless task
Picture she
In ‘83
With a majority of a few
Won election number two
There was a beat
In the street
And an awful big commotion
With Poll Tax put in motion
A country torn apart
She was thrown out as our skipper
Cried when her party ripped her
And proved she had a heart

Baroness Thatcher 1925 – 2013
Loved, hated, respected and despised if there’s ever anyone to divide opinion it was her. Whatever your thoughts on The Iron Lady she made some good decisions and bad ones just like any Premier. She defended the Falklands from the Argies then sold out the miners but she never went to war based on lies like Tony Blair did. If any post-war PM should be universally hated it is the UK Prime Minister from 1997-2007.

8th April – NaPoWriMo



So it’s Monday and I ain’t feeling right
Cus’ my stomach’s in knots feeling tight
A self-inflicted pain I confess
What a weekend yeah I was a mess
I had rockers to the left of me
Prog hippies to the right
Here I am on a Monday feelin’ blue

(wonder if you can name the tune I wrote these alternative lyrics to?)

7th April – NaPoWriMo


The Sabbath Day

Sunday’s they say should be a day of rest
For Christians or people who just don’t want to get dressed
But for Rockers like me it’s another chance to Rock!
So put on some pants and any odd socks
From seven PM to just after ten
Is my rock and roll show on TBFM
Turn on, tune in and get rocking out
To classic rock tunes with plenty of clout
Plus some of the best brand new rock tunes
Come and say hi in the online chatroom



6th April – NaPoWriMo


All Dead

Never before had the actions of few affected so many
As a winter of hurt was born from a summer of plenty
From the burst of the bubble there was inevitable trouble
A Red power was rising and the West was dividing
Sanctions and debt poached with Jihad
As alliances fell that were once Ironclad

As the vapourtrails filled skies from missiles and aircraft
Very Important People were scrambling for lifecraft
Big badda bombs fell turning cities to hell
And the innocent burned another lesson unlearned
The Earth had been scorched no survivors to have said
That the actions of a few have left us all dead