30th April – NaPoWriMo


An Ode to National Poetry Writing Month

So my thirty days of poetry is up
Never before have I been so prolific and writing this stuff
I used to think poetry was a pile of shite
Something for nobbers who value modern art and all that tripe

In the past month I’ve brought you so much crap
So I’ll take a bow and give a tip of my hat
Cus’ there’s something I’ve realised during this month
There’s so many poets I’m just the billy-onth

And so many people are better than me
They don’t just write rubbish but at least I’m gutsy
I’ve told it how I see it, not more I can do
Now this is cliche goodbye, yep from me to you

So my thirty days of poetry is up
Never again will I be so prolific and writing this stuff
‘Cus I still think that poetry is pretty shite
I’ll leave it for the nobbers who value modern art and all that tripe

29th April – NaPoWriMo


Monday Again

It’s Monday again but we’re almost there
So don’t drown yourself, come up for air
This poetry shite is very nearly done
And I can’t really say that it’s been much fun
I guess that you have to take it for what it is
Something for wankers covered in jizz
But on we plough theres only one more day
And then thank god it can go away!

28th April – NaPoWriMo


Tonight is the Dazzle Rebel Sunday Show

Yes TONIGHT is the Dazzle Rebel Sunday Show
But there’s no need to worry, there’s not far to go
Sit down and relax in your favourite seat
And from 7-10 I’m there to greet
With plenty of hard rockin’ music and all
So let down your hair, we’ll all have a ball
Turn On, Tune In and Rock the FOOK Out!
Sod of the neighbours who cares if they shout?
Instead you should invite them around
To join in the party that you have helped found
On TBFM every Sunday night
With me Dazzle Rebel I’ll make it alright
I’ll see you all there, like a spark in the gloom
To the TBFM Internet Chatroom!

Tune in to the show from 7-10pm tonight on www.TBFMonline.co.uk

22nd April – NaPoWriMo



Earth Day

The torrid fumes did choke my lungs
Like a pornstar choking on rancid cum
The environment had been wrecked
By f*cking cocksucking bastards and neglect
Multinational corporate greed
Nations holding onto seed
Apathetic normal souls
Helped us dig this cruddy hole
So think about what surrounds
Take a look go look around
This is our Earth there is only one
So respect it fool or we’ll all be done