19th April – NaPoWriMo


The Motorcycle Run

Trying so hard not to be a cliche
Riding a motorcycle along the freeway
The engine thuds
A metal horse does surge
The Thunder Beast head of the herd
With black leather n’ denim
This is S & M heaven
The silver shines
Pistons glide
I’m a cliche but I’m free

Snow Fun ~ or ~ how to ride a motorcycle in the snow

SnowKwakaDaz proves that riding a motorcycle all year in all weather is not only possible but enjoyable too

Despite spending the past 14 months as an all-season biker I do have to admit that up until last weekend I had yet to be truly tested in the snow. I had used the flurry before Christmas as a good excuse to work from home for two weeks until the weather improved, reasoning to my boss that I’d be worth more to them alive warm and cosy at home than as a frozen slab of meat by the side of the road. He agreed and bar a brief snowbound trip to the supermarket for supplies the Kawasaki remained tucked away in the garage. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was missing out on a lot of fun. Continue reading “Snow Fun ~ or ~ how to ride a motorcycle in the snow”