Dazzle Rebel Merchandise Now Available!

Dazzle Rebel Partners With Tee Spring

Hey, I hope you’ve had a fantastic week? I certainly have as I can now offer you what you’ve been asking for, merchandise!

I have partnered with Tee Spring to create two design collections. The first is The Condor Leader Collection, which will only be available until 31st December 2021. So take a look and act fast if you want anything, as you only have until New Year to order!

The second is the Dazzle Rebel Logo Signature Collection. This is a 2022 design collection and will be available from September 2021 through all of 2022.

I hope you like these designs and don’t forget to share some photos of you wearing your chosen merch on social media, remembering to tag me in so I can see!

Have a brilliant weekend.

Dazzle Rebel