10th April – NaPoWriMo


Sore Throat

I really don’t want to sound a bore
But my throat today is very sore
Seems lack of sleep and scattered diet
Has turned my larynx into a riot
I’ve taken to sucking Fishermans Friends
In the hope the pain will end
I understand that could be misconstrued
But I meant the sweets so don’t be crude

My throat really is killing me today, I’ve been battering a cold for the past 4 days but it’s developed into a painful throat. Does anyone have any decent remedies that work?

The Mutts Nuts ~ or ~ a beastly observation revisited

Last year I wrote a small piece about a guy who used to pass me every day walking a dog with humongous bollocks (read it here). One day I was shocked to notice that the proud pooch was missing a vital part of his manhood and looked miserable with it. I went on to suggest creating a line of fake balls for dogs who face the snip and since then I’m pleased to say I’ve done absolutely nothing about manifesting this cash cow into a viable business plan.
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