18th April – NaPoWriMo


Honey with Marmite

Ever had one of those kiddy combinations
Like Honey and Marmite on toast?
Sunday greens with jelly beans
It’s a new take on the roast

I’ve never understood peanut butter and jello
It’s one of those American things
Like cornflakes in a lasagne
Or chocolate onion rings

But peanut butter and cheese on toast
Is definitely the combination I like the most
Not strawberry jam with chicken wings
Or butternut squash and cheese strings

Those funny, weird and strange concoctions
Flabbergast me with their options
So since turning thirty-one
There’s no more kiddy combinations, yes, I’m done

Noise Pollution

There’s a growing trend that’s starting to drive me crazy. It’s conclusive proof that kids have moved on from being obnoxious know-it-all pricks like we were in my day to fully-qualified anti-social bastards. Either that or it’s compelling evidence that I’m getting old before my time. So what is this trend? It’s playing music on mobile phones out loud and in public and it don’t half rattle me. Continue reading “Noise Pollution”