Idle Class Hero

I was listening to ‘Working Class Hero’ by John Lennon the other day. While I’m not a huge fan of Lennon’s, nor indeed the Beatles, I have always considered ‘Working Class Hero’ to be a true 20th Century folk song. It’s a song you could imagine (‘scuse the pun) the likes of Bob Dylan penning during his early electric years – if he had been born and bred in Northern England instead of Minnesota, USA. As a song it’s pretty simple and regardless of any hidden meanings that analytical lyric hounds may attach to it, the song is at it’s very roots an ode to the salt of the Earth working class folk that are all too difficult to find in early 21st England. It’s a song penned while people were being sold the Capitalist dream. A time shortly before the floodgates opened for benefit scroungers, dossers and layabouts. A time when the country was changing at an exponential rate in which the social problems of 21st Century Britain would be seeded. Continue reading “Idle Class Hero”