Dazzle Rebel’s Christmas Party Survival Guide

Right now I’m probably at my office Christmas party. I can’t say for sure because I did that nifty thing of scheduling this post so this was written in preparation of tonight but I am most probably there right now as you read this. Now we all know that office parties can turn even the most reserved shrinking violet into a gregarious harlot so if you wanna escape with your dignity here’s how to survive the office Christmas party. Continue reading “Dazzle Rebel’s Christmas Party Survival Guide”

Waiting in Line ~ or ~ do you have a coupon for that?

I am trying so very much to not to turn into a be-Scrooged Grinch in the run up to Christmas but it’s becoming increasingly possible that I’m going to rein act the most bad-ass scenes from that Michael Douglas film “Falling Down” if I don’t take a chill pill soon. If it isn’t hoards of miserable shoppers, screaming kids and doddery old farts in the shopping centre it’s boy racers, school run tanks and even more doddery old farts on the road. Continue reading “Waiting in Line ~ or ~ do you have a coupon for that?”

Forgetting Football ~or~ Why the beautiful game is so damn ugly

I’ve never been an avid football fan singing from the terraces in support of my home team; Luton Town FC.  Sure I’ve been to a few matches and used to keep up-to-date with the Premiership, especially my ‘Premiership Club’; Liverpool FC.  But I would regularly watch football on the box, in pubs, play fantasy football leagues, argue that Michael Owen should have stayed at Liverpool.  I’d have strong opinions on why Steve McClaren, Kevin Keegan or Sven-Goran Eriksson was a bad choice as England Manager and why ‘Psycho’ Pearce would have been the best option.  Of course I was talking crap, and so was everyone else. Continue reading “Forgetting Football ~or~ Why the beautiful game is so damn ugly”

The Mutts Nuts ~ or ~ a beastly observation in a material world

The same guy walks passed with his dog pretty much every evening.  The guy isn’t of much interest but his dog, some kind of Pit Bull Terrier, always catches my attention, well it’s not the dog but the dog’s balls – they’re humongous!  Continue reading “The Mutts Nuts ~ or ~ a beastly observation in a material world”