Dazzle’s Medicinal Compound ~ or ~ how to kill a cold with Scotch whisky, cold tablets and a strong chilli

I have found a cure for the common cold!  Seriously last Friday I was close to keeling over and calling it a day, I’d only had ‘Man Flu’ for a day but it was killing me.  By the time I got home that evening my head felt like it was five times it’s normal size, my nose felt like I’d been snorting cotton wool and my throat felt like I’d swallowed a nest of fire ants (cue screeching violins from an infant school concert).  I’ve been in this place many times before but this time I was determined to beat it. Continue reading “Dazzle’s Medicinal Compound ~ or ~ how to kill a cold with Scotch whisky, cold tablets and a strong chilli”

Piercing Cold

When I first got my nose pierced the first thing my Mum said (after “why is your nose so swollen… oh my god!) was “so what happens when you catch a cold?” Good question I hadn’t thought about that before I let someone mutilate what’s probably the most prominent feature on my face. Bloody hell! Ok lets address this from the beginning; yes, when I first had it done I almost regretted it for over a week. It bloody hurt and my nose swelled up like a red grape. After it had healed however I became quite glad that I’d had it done. It was comfortable and I quickly forgot that it was there. Then came the day when I caught a cold. Continue reading “Piercing Cold”

Zombie ~ or ~ When is insomnia not insomnia?

Throughout my life I’ve suffered with bouts of insomnia but yesterday and today I’ve been walking around like a zombie, feeling all spaced out and it feels just like I’ve not slept for two nights.  Trouble is I had a good 6 hours last night and at least 7 hours the night before and 8 hours or so the night before that.  That’s over 21 hours over three nights isn’t that bad, is it? Continue reading “Zombie ~ or ~ When is insomnia not insomnia?”