Suzuki GSX-S1000 a quick ride

I had a right proper go on the GSX-S1000A today. I’ve been on it before but only quick 20 min blast. Today was a good 50 min trip around country roads, long fast straights, tight bends and a bit of dual carriageway and town riding just for measure. Verdict? If you want a sports bike but don’t want the aches, buy one!

You can blat about all day from 30mph + in 6th and ride off the incredible torque or chase the revs and be propelled forward like a rocket that makes your bum cheeks squeek. Adrenaline junkie and sophisticated all rounder in one bike. All this talk of twitchy throttle response is nonsense.

Would I buy one as a commuter? No. Too much bike for that job but would I buy one if I only had one bike to do everything; commute, tour and have fun with? Yes, I think I would. It’s a great package at a great price. Quicker and more comfortable than a Yamaha MT-09, longer legs than a Kawasaki Z1000 and more character than a Honda CB1000. I’ve not ridden the more expensive exotica from Ducati, MV, BMW, KTM or Aprilia but for less than £10k it’s my pick of the super-nakeds.

If you want one bike that’ll do everything but with an emphasis on fun then the Suzuki GSX-S1000 is an awesome prospect.

Watch the video below!


First Ride: Suzuki GSX-S1000ABS

I didn’t get long with the new Suzuki GSX-S1000ABS but it was long enough to find out that it’s a stonking machine! Based on the now infamous GSX-R1000 K5 long-stroke engine there’s torque-rich power available in almost any gear anywhere in the rev range.

Left in mode 1, the least intrusive of the traction control modes, the bike will bring the front-end up off the power in 2nd gear. The throttle is a little snatchy in low rev-ranges but silky smooth once you get things moving. Tight low-speed turns and city roundabouts are best taken in a low-revving 3rd gear because 2nd is too snatchy at sensible city speeds. The gear box is typical Suzuki and a joy to use, clicking nicely into position and finding neutral very easily.

The chassis and suspension set up make turning this 1000cc monster as easy as almost any middleweight 600 but will hold it’s line and track around the corner better than most. I was incredibly impressed with how light this bike is and how rapidly it will rip up the road. It might not have the latest electronic packages of it’s more expensive rivals but just the GSX-R’s it doesn’t need them. Suzuki have a magical ability to create vibrant and pokey engines mated with wonderfully sorted chassis’ and the GSX-S doesn’t disappoint.

Anyone wanting an incredibly rapid sub-£10,000 bike with hairpin hugging handling abilities and a comfortable riding position would be well advised to test ride the new Suzuki GSX-S1000. I very much doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Streetfighter style side profile
Streetfighter style side profile