Off the Grid Notice

This is just a quick news bulleting to let the amazing people who follow my posts that I’ll be signing off for the rest of the month.  I’ve got loads to be getting on with so there will be no new posts until 30th November.  But as that’s only 5 days away it will give you time to clear your heads from all the gobbledygook I’ve been feeding you these past couple of months and be fresh for another mauling in December. Continue reading “Off the Grid Notice”

Record Label SOS

Sony announced that the “On Air – On Sale” system where songs were available to buy as soon as they were released for airplay isn’t working. If like me you’re old enough to remember having to wait weeks for a single to be released instead of just logging on to a file-sharing server and downloading it for free may see this as even more proof that record labels are indeed an endangered species. Anyone born before the 1990’s will remember how institutional record labels were. It was simple; to make a record you needed a record label, ideally a major one. Continue reading “Record Label SOS”

Is No News Always Good News?

That’s something to ponder while I sign off for a while.  I don’t mean go to that Great Gig in the Sky, no, no, no.  I mean I’m not going to add any news or blogs until I’ve got something to report.  Hopefully it won’t be too long.  I’ve got a mate who has agreed to listen and give me some pointers when it comes to my mix and I’ve only gotta re-record a few parts now. Continue reading “Is No News Always Good News?”

Keeping it Cool

I thought that I’d get a lot done this weekend.  The weather forecast was looking a bit glum so I thought “great, I can spend all weekend working on some tunes”.  Of course as per usual the weatherman was wrong.  Sure I spent some time desperately trying to get some mixes to sit right (and failing once again) but come Sunday when I was planning to lay down some vocals the sun came out and ruined my plans. Continue reading “Keeping it Cool”

New Site!

Well, I thought it was about time to start a website and here it is. The old blog just wasn’t quite up to scratch and a move to WordPress has been on the cards for a while.

You’ll also notice that I’ve changed my name back to Dazzle Rebel! Well if you hadn’t noticed I’d put my whole solo music projects on hold when I joined New Generation Superstars. When I joined New Gen, they asked me why I wasn’t working under the Dazzle Rebel stage name anymore. I didn’t really have a good answer so I decided to bring Dazzle Rebel back! Daz Vibrafly didn’t really sit well with me anyway and I suppose I just wanted to distance myself from my time in Red Star Rebels.

Anyway, I am Dazzle Rebel and I’m back!

In the words of The Carpenters it’s “only just begun” but check back soon because there will be much more content over the coming weeks.

Dazzle Rebel

DIY Musician * Fringe Rock * No Record Deals!

Acoustic EP Out Now!

Greetings folks! It might have been quiet here for a while but I’ve been very busy behind the scenes. I’m just not very good at keeping everyone posted on what I’m doing!

Anyway, I am very excited to announce that I’ve just put a brand new acoustic EP called “Smoke on the Horizon” on MySpace. However, you’ll notice that I’ve changed my name “Daz Vibrafly”! The reason for this is simple, Dazzle Rebel as a stage name came from my time in Red Star Rebels and now that I’ve left the band I think it’s time I changed my stage name.

Vibrafly was a name I came up with in the late 90s for the music project I was working on at the time and I’ve always wanted to revisit it at some point. Why not now?

Anyway, back to the music!

The four-track EP is currently up on my brand new MySpace page and consists of four tracks:

  • Real World (acoustic version)
  • The Devil Came Down to Mexico
  • Insomnia (acoustic version)
  • Real World (alternative acoustic version)

I recorded the tracks in the bedroom in my flat and I have to say, it’s about damn time I upgraded my computer! The old Logic Audio isn’t running the best and kept crashing. Recording these tracks was a task and a half, I tell thee!

So, if you have any suggestions on a decent modern (but well-priced) computer for making music, please let me know!

Daz Vibrafly

DIY Musician * Rock’n’Roll * Rhythm & Blues * Fringe Rock