Let Me In

Surprise! For you beautiful people that follow me on Bandcamp, here’s a pre-release special of my new single “Let Me In”. It’s not due for general release for another 4 weeks but you guys can have it now – totally FREE!

If you enjoy the track then any sharing would be very much appreciated ahead of its general release on 22nd July. For now though, please let me know what you think of my latest Fringe Rock offering.

You can also pre-save it on your favourite streaming service at distrokid.com/hyperfollow/dazzlerebel/let-me-in

About Let Me In:

Let Me In is a darkly humorous song that follows a criminal and his search to silence a witness to one of his crimes. Behind the dark satire, the song hints at how justice is never fulfilled when entering a perpetual cycle of violence. With an ominous bassline and deadpan vocals, the verse sets the mood for a chorus filled with a crescendo of craziness as the narrator descends into paranoia.

Have a smashing weekend!


Roadkill – New Music Friday

Although this week has been quite a quiet one as far as me listening to new music goes, this track certainly ain’t, quiet that is.

I first became aware of the awesome band that is Starcrawler towards the end of last year and I’ve been really enjoying listening to them. When they dropped this track a couple of weeks ago I was there like a shot and was probably one of the first members of Joe Public to hear it. Since then I’ve listened to it several times a day, not least because I’ve added it to my Summer Hot Rocks playlist.

In typical Starcrawler fashion, it’s a gnarly glam rocker with all the grit and dirt that we’ve come to expect from this band. I love the very pink music video which features a cameo from Jackass’s Steve-O.

What have you been listening to lately? Drop me a line with any hot tips!

Dazzle Rebel

Cookin’ in the Sun

The Fringe Rock song of the summer!

Cookin’ in the Sun

This song is one of those that just wrote itself. I wrote it one evening in January 2022, in between working on tracks for my first full-on debut album. It was cold and dark and I was daydreaming about the summer to come.

I was remembering my wedding and honeymoon in Las Vegas and how I’d ended up with a swollen face because I’d spent too long sunbathing around the pool at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This was two days before my wedding but that’s a story for another time! It was ferociously hot and I felt my skin literally cooking in the sun.

I started writing the lyrics taking in cues from this memory and merging them with a satirical poke at the favourite pastime of us Brits to complain about the weather, no matter what the weather is doing. We’re never satisfied, it’s either too cold, too wet or in this case, too hot!

The music is written around the bass line. Something that I have decided I should do a lot more of as I am predominantly a bass guitarist!

The drums are a simple program that I put together using BDF2 (I’m recording on a PC from 2008 running Cubase 4 Essential remember). I remember trying to be a bit too flash and ‘realistic’ sounding when I was recording Condor Leader and I was never really satisfied with the results. I decided that if it wasn’t to be real drums then I shouldn’t try to hide the fact that this is a drum program, created by me, a non-drummer.

I recorded the track in between working on other music during January 2022, putting the final touches on it in February 2022. It’s my first attempt at producing, mixing and mastering a finished song entirely myself (that wasn’t intended as a demo).

Available on:

*I’m not a fan of ReverbNation and I rarely update it with new music as I don’t believe it represents value for money (not least you can’t upload anything larger than 8mb without a pro account). If enough people actively engage with me on that platform I might reconsider my stance on the platform.

Cookin’ in the Sun (Radio Edit)

This Fringe Rock Song Will Have You Dancin’ In Your Speedos! – New Music Friday

New Single, Cookin’ in the Sun – Out Now!

13th May 2022

Cookin’ in the Sun” is available on all major platforms.

Hey! My brand new single, Cookin’ in the Sun is out today! I had so much fun writing, recording and producing this track. In true Fringe Rock, DIY fashion I did everything on this release myself. Everything to do with the music right through to the artwork was done by my own hands.

I even made my directorial debut when making the music video. I mean, technically I suppose every music video I’ve produced was directed by myself but this is the first one where I was directing other people. Speaking of whom, a huge thank you to the great sports that gave up their Bank Holiday Sunday afternoon to be filmed doing crazy things in front of a camera.

So here’s a big shout out to Jason for letting us film in the upstairs function room at Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Nottingham. Of course, I need to acknowledge “the girls” Lisa, Celina and Gemma. Adi and Ali for the shots they took on holiday and Gill for taking some awesome stills.

Here’s the video, which will premiere at 8pm GMT, so if it’s not there yet you can click to set a reminder and be one of the first to see it!

The song is me riffing on a story of how I ended up with major sunburn and a swollen face on my wedding day. It’s also a farcical take on how we Brits are never satisfied with the weather. It’s either too cold, too wet or too hot! There is also a subtle nod to the fact that we’re finally seeing the negative effects of climate change in action. I mean, you’d be a blithering idiot not to recognise what’s going on in the world but I’ve already hit that subject matter pretty hard in the past. Twice in fact; with This Burning Town and Four Horsemen from The Attic Transmission. Songs that I wrote way back in the 00s. Will we ever learn?

Anyway, if you want to hear more about the story behind this song I’ll be going into more detail in a later post. To make sure you never miss a post, enter your email below and subscribe. Posts will be sent direct to your inbox and I’ll never sell off your info or spam you. I hate spam, it’s not effective and it’s very annoying so I’d never do that to you either!

In the meantime why not give the song a listen on your streaming service of choice. If you like it then I’d sure appreciate if you’d save it or even add it to one of your playlists? Maybe even download it FOR FREE on my Bandcamp page, so that you can keep it forever?

Regardless, thank you for supporting independent music and have a great weekend!

Dazzle Rebel

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Man Up! – New Music Friday

About a month ago I was involved in an interesting music project that targets toxic masculinity. Although the part I played was very small, the message is an important one.

At the beginning of April, I took my first trip to a proper music studio in over a decade. I was already a little nervous and thinking back to how long it had been since I was in a pro studio didn’t make my anxiety any easier.

Luckily the project was for Confyde, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Martin Jackson, who just happens to be a really nice guy. Labyrinth studios, where the session was being held is run by a couple of really nice guys too, so my nerves were quickly eased.

My task for the day was to sing with a group of other guys who had been recruited for the same goal; to create an epic vocal crescendo for the end of Confyde’s new single “Man Down”. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to sing in a group like that. In fact, even though I’ve sung in professional studios before, I’d not sung in a group like that since I was at school back in the 90s!

I won’t go into the process any further, that would be for Martin to divulge if he’s so inclined. What I will do is introduce to you my New Music Friday pick of the week, which (drum roll please) is of course Man Down by Confyde.

Wow, what an epic track! I am so pleased to have been part of it, even if it was a very small part indeed. The song is out today (May 6th) on all major platforms but I’d head over to Confyde’s Bandcamp page and buy the digital download first.

My second track featured this week is this raucous number from The City Kids, It Should Have Been You. The music video can be found below but it won’t be available on Spotify until 13th May.

The track is from their upcoming album “Filth” and shows that their songwriting confidence is growing. Frontman JJ is also growing in confidence as a singer and it really shows on this track. It must also be mentioned that, as a bass player myself, I fully endorse Berty’s crunchy outro riff.

Finally, the wonderful Aussie group The Chats dropped this glorious 2-minute Pub-Punk ode to a classic muscle car. I love this band’s enthusiasm and spirit. They’ve got no fucks to give and there’s a lot to be said for that kind of attitude.

The tracks featured have been added to my Fringe Rock playlist (below). Why not give it a listen (save and share if you enjoy it) and then add these tracks to one of your own playlists? Every such action goes towards these artists being picked up by the Spotify algorithm so they reach more people.

That’s all for New Music Friday this week. Next week, well next week I’ll be banging my own drum as I bring you my new single “Cookin’ in the Sun” – (Which you can pre-save here)!

Please have an awesome weekend!

Dazzle Rebel

This Is How I Focus My Creativity

Creating Your Own DIY Music Video

This week I have put music creation on hold to concentrate on getting the music video for my new single “Cookin’ in the Sun” edited and ready to launch on 13th May.

I don’t know about you but I find that when creativity hits, it hits big. A flood of ideas wash over you all at once and it’s your job to sort the flotsam and jetsam. You’ve got to try to prioritise, to save the living, breathing creatures with a future and discard the driftwood. For a life-long procrastinator, it’s not easy!

It’s particularly difficult when such waves of inspiration crash over you whilst you’re slap-bang in the middle of another project. A project that requires your immediate attention, because you’ve got a self-imposed deadline to hit. So, what do I do to satisfy my creative mind while maintaining focus on the task at hand (editing the music video)? Well, I simply record the very rough and usually basically hummed idea into the voice recorder on my phone. Once there, it’s like throwing the mess from your bedroom floor into a cupboard to sort later. Your immediate vicinity is now in order but you know that you’ll have to go back and sort out your cupboard later.

Until I found this technique, I found it incredibly difficult to focus. Especially during those days and weeks when the universe was pumping out its sweet creative juices directly into my brain. I would highly recommend any creative struggling with an overflow of ideas to give it a go. Find a way to note down the basic concept that’s found its way to you and you’ll find it’s easier to move on and focus your energy on the most pressing project.

And so to the project I’m talking about. The music video for my new single. If you’re part of my Facebook group then you’ll have seen a sneaky preview of what I’ve been working on. I’m going for a retro, highly colour, high contrast look. Something that pops with colour but also looks old and faded, just like some late 70s/early 80s ice pop commercial!

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far:

Dazzle Rebel – Cookin’ in the Sun (Official Music Video), preview from Facebook

The final pieces of the puzzle will be put together this week and it’ll be ready to launch when the single drops on 13th May.

If you wanna talk about anything, anything at all, I’d love to hear from you. You can drop me a comment here or find me on once of my social channels:

That’s all for today, have a fantastic week!

Dazzle Rebel

This Is Why It’s Good To Be A Freak – New Music Friday

Before you start furiously shouting at me in the comment section that the music that I’m talking about today isn’t strictly “new” music. Not in the sense that it’s been released in the past month, well, kinda. Regardless of that, it’s new to me and I freakin’ well love it! Okay?

It’s cool to be a freak. That’s what all the cool kids say anyway. The trouble is those cool kids claiming their freak credentials are often anything but freaks. They’re the norms. Sure, such artists may target the real freaks and geeks but usually, they themselves are anything but freakish and different. They’ll often and quite predictably have the backing of a major record label and have a sound that’s been polished to remove all the patina. They’re often quite dull, actually.

That’s certainly not the case with the music that I’m bringing you today. First up is a band that wears their freak credentials on their tattooed sleeves. This is a band that puts the “eak” in “freak”! People of the world, I give you Surfbort.


Surfbort are not afraid to be different. They are freaks because that’s who they are, not because that’s what a label is pushing them to be. They were the kids that wore fancy-dress to the supermarket, the kids that licked the ice on metal rails just to get stuck and give their mates a right good laugh. They are exactly how they look, it’s not an act. They’re total nutters and I love them!

I mentioned earlier that the music feature this week isn’t “new”. The Surfbort track I’m bringing you is from their 2021 album “Keep On Truckin'” but they have just dropped a brand new video for the song “Open Your Eyes”. A video that features none other than skateboarding legend Tony Hawk! So, it’s kinda new, sort of.

The song is an infectious pop-punk number, in the traditional pop-punk sense, not this modern auto-tuned bollocks. It’s complete with a sunkissed, surf-rock feel-good vibe and I can’t get enough of it.

The music video is really close to my heart. No, I’m not a skateboarder. Far from it. My Marty McFly aspirations were killed back when I was around seven or eight and had an oversized adult skateboard that was just too difficult to do anything with. I am however someone who makes my own music videos and the DIY green screen efforts in this flick are something to be proud of. There is no attempt to hide the janky animation and I don’t think anyone would suggest that it wasn’t intentional. I absolutely love it. A middle-finger to over-produced bullshit and that’s something I fully embrace.

Open Your Eyes (Official Video) – Surfbort Ft. Tony Hawk
Keep On Truckin’ – Surfbort – Album 2021
Pub Rock for the Masses

My second music this pick also hasn’t released anything “new” in the past month. However, I only heard about them a few weeks ago and they’re totally busting the fuck out of America at the moment. I present to you Amyl and The Sniffers.

This Australian band is a riot of Punk and Pub Rock. The music they produce is raw and punchy. It’s like visiting some dodgy shithole pub somewhere in the outback and getting into a fight with the natives.

They are certainly not the kind of band that you’d expect to be featured on mainstream US TV but that’s exactly what happened recently on Late Night with Seth Meyers!

Amyl and The Sniffers – Late Night with Seth Meyers

The band are the epitome of “No Fucks Given”. Just get out there and play your nuts off, the music you wanna play not the music some suited arsehat is saying sells.

They’re a band that I’m sure will cause a riot when they hit the UK. Which is why I’ve already got tickets for the 5th June show at Nottingham Rock City!

What music have you been rockin’ this week? Anything you think I should be aware of? Leave me a comment or hit me up on social media. Have an awesome week!

Dazzle Rebel

New Single: Cookin’ in the Sun, coming 13th May!


29th April 2022

Dazzle Rebel announces a brand new summer single that will have you sizzling in your speedos!

Cookin’ in the Sun” releases on all major platforms on 13th May 2022.

Fringe Rock songsmith Dazzle Rebel strikes a match and turns the hob up to nuclear fusion with his latest, irreverent post-punk rocker. If you’re looking for even more heat this summer, simply put on this track for an instant blast of feelgood radiation. You’ll be dancing around in your speedos and like it’s 1994.

Riffing on a story of how he ended up with major sunburn and a swollen face for his wedding day, Dazzle Rebel brings his quirky A-game for his summer Post-Punk smash n’ grab, Cookin’ in the Sun. With a grumbling of 80s New Wave angst and a healthy dose of 90s feel-good Alt-Rock sunshine, the main melody is indicative of those halcyon days of youthful abandon. Meanwhile, the lyrics paint a fun tale of spending too long in the sunshine and suffering for it. Cookin’ in the Sun is a fun Post-Punk/Alt-Rock sunkissed romp that grabs your attention with a catchy hook and a 2-minute runtime.

Cookin’ in the Sun will be released on all major platforms on Friday 13th May 2022. There will be two versions, the standard version with explicit lyrics and the Radio Edit that includes a karaoke version as a B-Side!

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New Feature: Weekly Highlights

I’ve decided that I need to push myself a little harder. I used to do a lot of blogging, which is where this website originated in the first place. There are plenty of old ditties from over a decade ago flying around the vaults of this website. I used to find writing things down helped me remember things better as I remember writing about them if you get that?

So, every Monday (give or take) I’ll be posting a regular bloggy-type thing where I give a brief rundown of my highlights from the previous week. This will be anything from stories of what I’ve been up to that week through to things pulled from my social media pages and beyond.

I feel that the past decade has flown by, so I’m doing this as an exercise for me to keep track of my own life! The fact that you’re reading this and wanna come along for the ride is a brilliant added bonus.

So this being the first post I’m actually going to go all the way back to Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Here’s something from Facebook:

Big thank you to Lisa, Celina and Gemma for being superb sports today. Also to Gill for taking some fantastic photos and Jason for letting us use his gaff.
This is just a very quickly done test clip but it will give you a little clue as to what this video is going to turn out like.
Thanks, everyone, enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend!

The rest of the week I was busy mixing another new track. Mixing is a funny thing, every time I think I’m getting the hang of it I realise how far away I am from anything sounding like it was done in a proper studio. Sure, I’m working on a computer that’s a decade and a half old and a DAW that’s about the same age but I know I can produce a decent sound if I put the effort in. It’s the learning curve and lack of time that always sticks me in the ribs.

Maybe it would be easier to upgrade my studio? Maybe that would make a difference? I dunno, I just figure that’d be cheating or a bad workman blaming his tools. I am determined to get as good a sound on what I’m using as possible before I invest in something else. Maybe I’m my own worst critic? You’ll find out soon when the first of my “rough cut” singles comes out on 13th May!

Well, that’ll do for today. Have a smashing week and I’ll see you again soon!

Dazzle Rebel