A Brand of Fry and Folly ~ or ~ Russell Brand takes a swipe at Stephen Fry

2015 02 04 A Brand of Fry Russell Brand verses Stephen FryI love Stephen Fry and I love Russell Brand. They are incredible human beings whose views and beliefs often overlap with those of my own. I was therefore somewhat taken back when good old Rusty Rockets took offense over Stephen Fry’s comments during an interview on RTE, an Irish Public Service TV channel. He was so enraged that he made Fry the subject of his regular YouTube programme ‘The Trews’ where he laid into Fry and his blasphemous ways.

Well OK it didn’t quite happen like that, in fact Brand was actually quite benign. His Fox News baiting persona was turned down to disappointed friend mode as he made his case on the subject of spirituality. When it comes to spirituality and religious beliefs I personally think “each to their own” and as long as they are not preaching hate or shouting down ‘sinners’ in the street like the old manic street preacher (no not James Dean Bradfield) who used to hail abuse at my gang of mates as we walked through Dunstable town centre.

It seemed that Brand had taken Fry’s public slamming of a wicked and ruthless ‘God’ to heart and went on the offensive as he turned into a spiritualist zealot delving into questions that had no real answers, logical or otherwise. As much as he was dismantling traditional religious dogma he was in turn pedalling his own spiritual theory and ideology. It was bizarre thing for me to watch and made for uncomfortable viewing.

I like Brand and his feral cat like persona. He is a champion of many good causes and I applaud the way he exposes the flaws in the political systems across the globe. I find myself agreeing with his views on the redistribution of wealth, that a change is needed in our political system and that the decriminalisation and destigmatization of drugs and their users can only lead to improvements in public health and treatment of addiction. For these I applaud his efforts though I am not sure I agree with his simplistic belief in an anarchy system. I don’t think a system where people self-govern would really work in today’s overcrowded world.

I like Fry too. He has done a lot to highlight the plights of depression and like Brand, drug addiction. For sheer entertainment value Fry is a hoot in whatever I’ve seen him in, be it on panel shows or in character. It’s difficult not to love such an apologetic persona. Listening to his answers given to Gay Byrne (the RTE host) I thought what he said was more than justified in the context of the interview. When probed further about spirituality I felt that Fry was adequate in his response, especially as it seemed he was being backed into a corner a little by Byrne.

As much as I would like to take this opportunity to analyse and probe what Brand stated in regards to his spiritual ‘truth’, I fear I would only be doing the same Brand did to Fry. Though Brand’s polite attack on Fry has obviously grieved me I feel it would be hypocritical of me to counter Brand’s spiritualist notions phrase by phrase. Personally I don’t have issue with what Mr Brand does or doesn’t believe in and judging by Fry’s interview I doubt that he does either.

It’s not just Brand who has zoned in on Fry’s comments. Pavan Dhaliwal of the Independent has used Fry’s comments on the subject to highlight the fact that not everybody around the world enjoys the same level of free speech as we do in the UK. Indeed even in Ireland, where the interview took place, there are some rather antiquated laws regarding blasphemy which Fry could well be in breach of. Though it’s highly unlikely that Fry would see any recourse for his blasphemous rantings (other than a whole Russell Brand Trews episode dedicated to the subject) others around the world are not so lucky. As Dhaliwal’s article points out in Saudi Arabia, Muslim blogger Raif Badawi was arrested on a charge for the crime of insulting Islam by running a website that criticized religious leaders. He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment and one thousand lashes. She also notes that Blasphemy is illegal in 49 countries. So be careful what you say when you’re abroad!

2015 02 03 a FryIt seems though that Fry saw the funny side and responded to The Trews episode with his trademark wit on Twitter. Brand responded and it looks like all is forgiven. But the whole debarkle has raised a valid point.2015 02 03 b Brand In the UK we must be thankful that the worst that can happen for being a little blasphemous on UK soil is you might rile a few angry religious leaders and receive a Russell Brand Trews inquisition. I’ll leave you with this little thought that sums up my beliefs; everything in nature is so awe inspiring and incredible why do we need to invent something which explains it?


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16th April – NaPoWriMo


The Earthworm Jim

Ever wondered what would happen if an earthworm had brains?
And a special suits with mechanical limbs so he could ride motorcycles and planes?
He could go on a mission to save planet Earth
From his home undergound the mighty turf
Would he battle the baddies like Psy-Crow and Bob the Killer Goldfish?
Major Mucas, Queen Slug-for-a-Butt or something equally kitch?
He’d have a deep love for Princess What’s-Her-Name
Though she’d be killed by a cow at the end of the game
So don’t balk or say my theory is sh*t
It’s an Earthworm Jim, but not as we know it

2nd April – NaPoWriMo


Things Were Better in the Nineties


Things were better in the nineties I’ve come to appreciate

‘Cus way back when I was a bratty little sprog full of love and hate

Emotions were mountains and valleys, peaks and troughs

And most retarded townies thought I was a greebo goth

Of course they were just like me – misunderstood

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1st April 2013 – NaPoWriMo


What the bleedin’ hell is NaPoWriMo?

Well it stands for “National Poetry Writing Month” which means for the whole of April I’m gonna attempt to write a little bit of poetry each day. Why the hell not? It gets the creative juices flowing dunnit?

So here’s numero uno:

Ain’t No April Fool

So “a pinch and a punch for the first of the month”
What utter crap, who thought of that?

But a good reply is a sly “poke in the eye”
Or just hit the dick for being so quick

After all this is also April fool
So play a prank like a fookin’ skank Continue reading “1st April 2013 – NaPoWriMo”

The Mutts Nuts ~ or ~ a beastly observation revisited

Last year I wrote a small piece about a guy who used to pass me every day walking a dog with humongous bollocks (read it here). One day I was shocked to notice that the proud pooch was missing a vital part of his manhood and looked miserable with it. I went on to suggest creating a line of fake balls for dogs who face the snip and since then I’m pleased to say I’ve done absolutely nothing about manifesting this cash cow into a viable business plan.
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