New Demo “This Burning Town” on MySpace

First of all, thanks to everyone who has listened to “Fringe Rock!” my demo EP. Your kind words mean a lot to me and I’m glad you’re liking the musical direction I’m taking.

Well, now here’s an evolution of my Fringe Rock sound with my new track “This Burning Town” and it’s on MySpace right now!

I’ve dialled up the distortion a bit and I’m beginning to find my singing voice. This track takes my bleak outlook on the future of humanity in a “the end is nigh” kinda way. I mean, if we don’t change our ways we’re heading towards disaster. Be it from nuclear annihilation, global warming (yes, it really is a thing regardless of if you “believe” in it or not”), asteroid strike, some kind of future disease or a zombie apocalypse (hey, the last isn’t completely out of the realms of possibility)!

The track is my way of saying “for f*ck sake, wake up”! We need to be doing something now to protect ourselves because a new, civilisation-ending disaster WILL happen in our generations lifetime if we don’t do something about it now.

Yeah, kinda doom-mongering, perhaps but that’s where my head is at right now.

As for the music (oh yeah, that’s what this website is all about after all), it’s got a groove rock kinda vibe. It still sits on the edge of mainstream, so still very much on my DIY musician, Fringe Rock ethos.

I’d love to know what you think, so head over to my MySpace and give it a listen. You might just like it!