Adverts to (try and) Avoid this Christmas

The trouble with Christmas is spending a few days at home watching crap on the telebox.  It’s an advertisers dream, they know they have a captive audience that will spend hours on end glued to the screen.  occasionally someone will come out with a good advert that will make you laugh, smile or actually want to buy into what they’re trying to sell you but most of the time they just suck like a spotty ass.  Here are some very good reasons to switch off Sky, veto Virgin and say b@ll@cks to BT and opt for a stack full of DVDs instead: Continue reading “Adverts to (try and) Avoid this Christmas”

Christmas Cash Cow ~ or ~ write a Christmas song and be set for life

The cash register ‘ka-ching’ at the start of Wizards “I Wish it could be Christmas Everyday” signalled that Roy Wood knew he was onto something that would ensure he always received a Christmas bonus. It’s something that’s become a modern myth; get a Christmas hit or a Christmas number one single (even if it has nothing to do with Christmas) and you’ll be set for life. It sure seems that if you’re lucky enough to land a catchy Christmas tune then you’ll never have another frugal Christmas again. But of course this is far from the truth. First of all I’ll address the obvious flaw in that model, the Christmas Number One single. Continue reading “Christmas Cash Cow ~ or ~ write a Christmas song and be set for life”

One Rock’n’Roll Too Many ~ or ~ knackered before the party’s even begun

I don’t know what happened to the guy who’d work hard and play even harder, I think I left him holding a kebab one night outside Chicken Joe’s. Wherever he has gone he’s left behind a bloke who can no longer down beer bongs, rack up the shots and take all sorts of substances to keep the night rolling on in top gear. He’s left and now I remain. Continue reading “One Rock’n’Roll Too Many ~ or ~ knackered before the party’s even begun”

Dazzle Rebel’s Christmas Party Survival Guide

Right now I’m probably at my office Christmas party. I can’t say for sure because I did that nifty thing of scheduling this post so this was written in preparation of tonight but I am most probably there right now as you read this. Now we all know that office parties can turn even the most reserved shrinking violet into a gregarious harlot so if you wanna escape with your dignity here’s how to survive the office Christmas party. Continue reading “Dazzle Rebel’s Christmas Party Survival Guide”

Advent Anxiety ~ or ~ the final countdown

I’m not afraid to admit that I am starting to hit my stride when it comes to seasonal cheer. Christmas parties are happening everywhere, lunch and dinners to fit in with old friends and final bits of Christmas shopping to be sought. Aside from the worry that my bank account is going to be in a very sorry state come January there is another cause for anxiety that troubles me even more – the daily opening of advent calendars. Continue reading “Advent Anxiety ~ or ~ the final countdown”

Spreading Some Festive Cheer

It’s the first day of December so I am now willing to embrace Christmas and wish everyone a very happy Christmas indeed.  Sure times are tough for most of us but what’s important is we have our friends and family and spread a lot of love.  So in the interest of spreading some Christmas cheer I’m giving away lots of digital goodies over the festive period.  First up keen visitors to will notice that there’s a brand new background that’s positively brimming with seasonal joy and what’s more you can download it free to use on your desktop. Continue reading “Spreading Some Festive Cheer”

Distant Drums… …or Jingle Bells?

Well I am surprised. Usually the shops are stocking up with tinsel and chocolate selection boxes just as the summer sale signs are taken down. TV adverts selling the latest action figure to kids are broadcast the moment ‘last chance’ summer holiday campaigns are taken off the air. But this year I’ve been completely blind to it, that is until now. I caught my first Christmas ad campaign on the box today and saw the first signs in shops that the Christmas advertising juggernaut is starting it’s unstoppable journey of want and destruction. Continue reading “Distant Drums… …or Jingle Bells?”