RIP Jim Marshall

There is little more I can add to the tributes being paid to the Legend of Loud, Jim Marshall who died this morning aged 88. Since picking up a guitar at the age of 11 I wanted a Marshall amp, after hording the money I made from a paper round over two years I finally got my chance with the purchase of my first proper ‘big amp’, a Valvestate VS100. Continue reading “RIP Jim Marshall”

Excitable Boy

Today (January 24th) is Warren William Zevon’s birthday, he would have been 65 had this ‘Excitable Boy’ not shuffled off this mortal coil aged 56 in 2003.  My first and for years only experience of Warren Zevon was the near-novelty ‘Werewolves of London’ but after a conversation with a rock journalist I started to probe deeper. Continue reading “Excitable Boy”