Indian Motorcycle Announce 2018 Line-up | MY2018

It’s that time of year already, Indian Motorcycle announced their 2018 line-up today and there’s some interesting changes to the range. For a quick overview watch the video below and then read the full details further down for more information and lovely glossy images.

Having seen the Indian Motorcycle brand grow exponentially since it’s relaunch in 2013 (2014 for us in the UK), the Polaris owned motorcycle company will be offering 15 models in their 2018 range. That’s pretty damn good going since starting with just three models, the Chief, Chief Vintage and Chieftain 5 years ago.

I’ve already talked about the new Scout Bobber but if you’ve not read that report click here or watch the video below. Continue reading “Indian Motorcycle Announce 2018 Line-up | MY2018”

Indian Scout launch new Bobber

The new Indian Scout Bobber

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Indian Motorcycle have released their own take on the Bobber concept based on what other bike than the Scout.

There’s nothing really surprising about the route they’ve taken with the concept; cut down the rear fender, remove the front fender and stick on the smallest one possible to satisfy the Eurocrats and safety lobby, black out the wheels, replace the traditional clocks with a blacked-out set, stick on a set of blacked-out tracker bars and replace the headlight for something reminiscent of the Chief Dark Horse. There’s also a new seat to accommodate the new fender. Continue reading “Indian Scout launch new Bobber”

New Indian Four Concept Design | Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle have said that there will be an influx of new models coming out over the next few years. While the obvious releases will be a road-going version of the FTR750 and a bike that fills the cruiser gap between the Scout and the Dark Horse/Chief Classic, I’m rather taken with the idea of a new Indian Four.

The original machine was ahead of it’s time, a luxury land yacht on two wheels. So with that in mind I took to PhotoShop and quickly came up with some cut and paste design concepts.

With the following ideas I’ve taken images of bikes currently in the Indian/Victory lineup and mixed them up a little bit. Let me know what you think. Continue reading “New Indian Four Concept Design | Indian Motorcycle”