Pre-Order The Attic Transmission double EP!

A double EP, why not just make it an album?

The Attic Transmission is a double EP with two distinctive sounds. EP1 is The Attic Transmission, a studio concept EP that tells the story of a dystopian world filled with political corruption, pollution and megalomanic mega-corporations (sound familiar)? It speaks of the people and planet fighting back and ends with a tale of an apathetic individual finding inner strength.

EP2, The Attic Sessions is introduced with a live intermission. It’s a series of demo recordings written for a band that never was. Although this band no longer represents where Dazzle Rebel is taking his music, he felt that this music would never see the light of day if it wasn’t released as bonus material.

So fill your boots with this double-feature EP that packs in a normal album’s worth of 12 tracks into the price of a standard EP!

Releases October 5, 2020

Music & lyrics written by Darren John Loczy

Preview the pre-release tracks below!

The Dazzle Rebel Show on TBFM Online – No. 13 – Now That’s What YOU Call Music?

At 12:00 GMT on Monday 6th July 2015 I took over the airwaves at TBFM Online radio and broadcast a very special show called “NOW! That’s What YOU Call Music?” a guilty pleasures special. If you missed it you can listen again on Mixcloud now (or listen below). It features guilty pleasures suggestions from listeners and other TBFM DJ’s though the recording was cut short due to ‘technical difficulties’ or GREMLINS as I like to call them.

If you liked what you here then sorry it’s nothing like my normal show where I play some of the best Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Alternative Rock along with the more commercial side of Metal. Tracks to boost your Monday afternoon for the long week/road ahead. Tune in tomorrow (Monday 13th July) from 12-2pm GMT or search for “TBFM” on TuneIn or in the android/apple app stores and install the awesome chat-enabled app!

The Dazzle Rebel Show on TBFM – No. 1-11 – Back for 2015

On 13th April 2015 I started back as a DJ at TBFM after a years break. Now I’m back where I belong, only this time I’m daytime baby! Tune in every Monday 12-2pm GMT or listen again on mixcloud. Previous shows 1-11 are available below. Any requests for future shows comment below, find me on Facebook or drop me a line on Twitter

BONUS… The Sunday Soft Spot guest DJ Sets: