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A double EP, why not just make it an album?

The Attic Transmission is a double EP with two distinctive sounds. EP1 is The Attic Transmission, a studio concept EP that tells the story of a dystopian world filled with political corruption, pollution and megalomanic mega-corporations (sound familiar)? It speaks of the people and planet fighting back and ends with a tale of an apathetic individual finding inner strength.

EP2, The Attic Sessions is introduced with a live intermission. It’s a series of demo recordings written for a band that never was. Although this band no longer represents where Dazzle Rebel is taking his music, he felt that this music would never see the light of day if it wasn’t released as bonus material.

So fill your boots with this double-feature EP that packs in a normal album’s worth of 12 tracks into the price of a standard EP!

Releases October 5, 2020

Music & lyrics written by Darren John Loczy

Preview the pre-release tracks below!

Debut Single ‘Fortitude’ Out Now

Written in 30 minutes in the summer of 2019, during a dark battle with the black dog of depression. Fortitude would prove to be cathartic in helping songwriter Daz find the light at the end of the tunnel. He says of it’s creation;

“It’s funny how one minute you’re staring at a bottle of whiskey and the next you’re frantically scribbling away lyrics on a notepad, that bottle of whiskey untouched. Music has the ability to provide moments of clarity when everything else is so foggy. If this song can help just one other person see through the mist then I will feel vindicated that my demons didn’t get the better of me that day”.

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Debut Single “Fortitude” Coming Soon!

This whole lockdown thing has been pretty shit for socialising. For us creatives however, it’s actually been quite a good exercise in what you can achieve when you don’t have the distractions of daily chores, you know little things like the day job.

With that in mind I’ve been knocking around with a song I wrote last summer called “Fortitude”. For some reason things just clicked. It might be the current state of the world or possibly my mind but it just sort of fell into place in the home studio this week. I was planning on saving it for a future album but, with the knowledge of how unpredictable life can be at the moment, I have decided to go ahead an self-release it now.

Well, I say “now” but the truth is it will take a week or so before I can get the release date. Yes, even though self-releasing music is something that has been incredibly easy for well over a decade now, I am finally taking the plunge and doing it.

Since leaving Red Star Rebels back in 2007 I have been a big advocate for self-releasing music. The DIY ethic really appeals to me as there’s something raw and honest about it. You’re doing it because you want your art out there in the big wide world, rather than trying to appease accountants in suits. At least that’s been my take on the DIY music release anyway. I have been quite vocal before about my believe that it’s something Red Star Rebels should have done way back when but that’s by-the-by. I haven’t exactly been forthcoming in releasing my solo music before either so, who am I to complain anyway?

I think the real reason I haven’t done anything before is due to lack of confidence. “Think”? I mean I “know”. Putting yourself out there is a scary prospect when you haven’t got other band members to fall back on and take any criticism with you. Not having enough time is another excellent excuse that’s been a favourite of mine. With a day job and my other creative hobby of making videos about motorcycling taking up precious free time it was easy to justify my lack of musical output.

Being furloughed from work because of COVID-19 has been a double-edged sword. On one side my income is drastically reduced, social plans have become non-existent and I haven’t been able to ride my fucking motorcycle! That’s not even counting the tragic personal losses that are happening daily and the huge global financial repercussions.

But no matter how bad the world gets I do always at least try to see some good in everything. The most obvious benefit for me personally is that I have had no excuse not to make a return to music. And return I have!

I’ve finally come to throw caution to the wind and say “fuck it”. Yes, self-releasing my own music could be considered a vanity project and yes, it probably is. But if you don’t believe in your own creations then why would anyone else?

And so, after that rather long winded and excuse-ridden prologue, I would like to announce that my debut solo single “Fortitude” will be officially released on all major streaming and download services very soon. As soon as I have a going live date I’ll be promoting the fuck out of it, so apologies now if you get rather sick of me in the coming weeks!

For now though, here’s the artwork for the single. Thanks for reading this and stay safe folks!Fortitude Single Cover Idea 03

There’s Something Stirring In The Attic!

As many of you may know I am currently employed as a motorcycle salesman. Well with this whole COVID-19 bullshit that’s happened I’m now furloughed until further notice. Rather than sit at home and watch hours upon hours of Italian PornHub I’ve decided to spend this unexpected ‘me time’ doing something that I neglected for pretty much the entire 2010’s – creating music.

Back in 2012 I recorded what should have become my solo debut EP but I never got around to releasing it. That is about to change! I am currently in my attic studio recording what will hopefully be a summer single with the view to a full album launch in late 2020/early 2021. All that is what I am creating right now.  However, my debut EP has been sitting on the shelf for nearly 8 years now with nobody to hear it. It’s time to rectify that!

In between recording new material I am repackaging the tracks I recorded all that time ago. There will be lyric videos, there will be artwork and it will all be available (if all goes to plan) on all major streaming and download platforms.

That’s all for now though folks but if you’re interested to see what I’ve got cooking keep an eye on my social media platforms (links to the bottom of the page) for more info!

– Daz

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