My Holiday Gift to You

Happy Holidays! To celebrate this most wonderful(-ly commercial) time of the year I’m doing the opposite of trying to sell you stuff. I’m giving it away for free!

That’s right, from now until 31st December 2021 you can fetch my entire digital back catalogue for absolutely nothing. Simply head to my Bandcamp page and click to buy, when it comes to checking out it will be totally free.

Click the picture to be taken to my Bandcamp page (opens in new window).

This will probably be my last post of the year, so thank you all so very much for your support. This has been a challenging couple of years for most of us, so your kindness and appreciation of my art is a very special thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My plans for 2022 are beginning to come together and I’ve got loads of new things to share with you throughout the year. A lot of creative people will say this and it’s an overused phrase but I genuinely am excited to share what I’ve been working on with you.

Have a fantastic holiday season and here’s to a rocking 2022!

Dazzle Rebel

Forget the ‘Elf of the Shelf’, here’s the ‘Bimbo on the Window’!

A Christmas No. 1 Outsider?

Seasons greetings! Happy Holidays! It’s that most wonderful(-ly oversaturated) time of the year again.

If you’ve known me a while then you’ll know after I left New Generation Superstars in 2011, I tried my hand at a number of other things. I was a Rock DJ and magazine writer, reviewer and interviewer. I then turned to motorcycles and grew my own Moto Vlogging YouTube Channel, complete with its own theme tune! I even did a little bit of blogging (which are still stored somewhere in the vaults of this website if you dig deeply enough).

One thing that I hadn’t done that I fancied giving a go, was to do some reaction videos to new music. Well, today that changed. What better way to start than to roast the new Christmas single from my old bandmates, New Generation Superstars.

In this pretty raw and very lightly edited video I film my reaction to the first play of not only the ‘new’ New Generation Superstars single, Santa’s Not Comin’ but also the new single from The Hot Damn! I’ll give them a rating and talk about what I like and don’t like.

If that sounds like something that you’d like to kill a few moments with, take a gander at this:

Have a great weekend!

Dazzle Rebel

Swan Song (Radio Edit) – Today is Release Day!

Swan Song (Radio Edit) – Single Cover Art

You asked for it, I’m giving it!

Today is release day for the radio edit of ‘Swan Song’ from my latest mini-album, Condor Leader. This is in response to those of you who liked the track but couldn’t play it at home when your kids were about, or at work (or any other social situations where naughty lyrics would be frowned upon) due to the use of the “C” word!
Well, you’ll now be able to add it to your family-friendly playlists by following the link below!

I’ve also done this cheap-ass music video! Recorded in my living room in one night and edited within 24 hours. For something that cost me nothing to make and knocked up so quickly, I don’t think it’s a bad job. What do you think?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got loads more music coming and I’m really excited to be sharing it with you. Let’s keep Rock’n’Roll alive!

Dazzle Rebel

Stocking Filler Special Offers

With Christmas nearly upon us, I thought that I’d extend a nice little offer to you. From now until 31st December 2021 you can get 30% off my Limited Edition Condor Leader CD. Remember, this CD is signed and hand-numbered by me and I have no plans of doing a standard Jewel Case run of this release.

This, therefore, could be your only chance to own a physical copy of the Condor Leader mini-album!

Also, the stock is very limited so once it’s sold out it’s gone forever!

So, what do you have to do to get your Limited Edition Condor Leader CD at 30% off? Simply head over to my Bandcamp page and click to purchase. Once there, enter the discount code condorstealer and click apply. Bosh! There you go, there’s a nice 30% off!

So, what are you waiting for? This is a lovely little stocking filler for that audiophile in your life or even a sweet little gift to yourself!

Click the picture below to be taken to directly to the sales page for Condor Leader.

For now though, please enjoy the rest of your weekend. We’ll speak again soon!

Dazzle Rebel

New Limited Edition Swan Song (Radio Edit) T-Shirt!

Hey, how are you doin’?

I just wanted to give a quick shout out and let you know that I’ve launched a Limited Edition T-Shirt to commemorate the release of my new single “Swan Song (Radio Edit)”. This T-Shirt will only be available until 31st December 2021, so if you want one, place your order now!

The T-Shirt is available in 3 shades of blue; Cool Blue, Turquoise or Tahiti Blue. This creates a lovely two-tone effect against the cover art.

What other types of merchandise would you like to see? What kind of designs are you into? Let me know in the comments or give me a shout on social media.

Have a great weekend, as always.

Dazzle Rebel

Dazzle Rebel featured in HRH Magazine!

A couple of months ago I was asked a few questions by Viki Ridley from HRH Magazine. I’d almost forgotten about it until I received a ping in my emails and remembered the interview. Shifting through the pages I stumbled on a large photo of myself staring back at me and a whole page piece all about yours truly! (It’s on page 31 in case you wanted to look).

If you’re not a subscriber to the printed version you can subscribe to the magazine for free for the digital version. You just need to fill in your email details on the site.

If you want to have a read and find out a little bit more about me in the process, click the link below.

Stay cool!

Dazzle Rebel

Swan Song (Radio Edit) Releasing Everywhere on 26/11/2021

Hello you, it’s been a few weeks since we last spoke! Well, the reason for my lack of content is not because I’ve been slack. In fact, there’s a lot been going on behind the scenes. A hell of a lot indeed.

I have been busy beavering away (stop sniggering, it’s not that kind of beavering) creating new music and working on content for my YouTube channel. I’ll start drip-feeding all that content soon, so make sure that you’re following my social channels because things are going to go a little crazy during 2022!

Meanwhile, Condor Leader has done way better than I ever expected. Thank you so much for getting behind this release. However, even though I’ve got brand new music coming from April 2022 I’m not done milking the Condor Leader material just yet.

A lot of people seemed to really dig the track “Swan Song” but were not able to stream it in certain situations due to the rather vulgar language I use in it. Well, there is a radio-friendly version available on Bandcamp but that doesn’t help anyone wanting to add it into their own Spotify playlists.

I’ve heard you guys and I’m doing something about it. To that end, I’m releasing “Swan Song (Radio Edit)” on all major streaming platforms on 26th November 2021. You can pre-save/pre-order the track now by clicking the link or on the new single cover art below.

I really want to tell you loads more about what I’m cooking up but that will have to wait for another time.

That’s all for now but please have an awesome Halloween weekend, be safe and look after yourself and others. Stick to the bars and clubs running the “Ask for Angela” scheme and have fun.

Dazzle Rebel

Dazzle Rebel Merchandise Now Available!

Dazzle Rebel Partners With Tee Spring

Hey, I hope you’ve had a fantastic week? I certainly have as I can now offer you what you’ve been asking for, merchandise!

I have partnered with Tee Spring to create two design collections. The first is The Condor Leader Collection, which will only be available until 31st December 2021. So take a look and act fast if you want anything, as you only have until New Year to order!

The second is the Dazzle Rebel Logo Signature Collection. This is a 2022 design collection and will be available from September 2021 through all of 2022.

I hope you like these designs and don’t forget to share some photos of you wearing your chosen merch on social media, remembering to tag me in so I can see!

Have a brilliant weekend.

Dazzle Rebel