I forge songs in a furnace and temper them with icy lyrics. It’s grungy, raw and honest. It’s music from the edge. I am a songsmith crafting music for outsiders, songs for the brave. It’s what I call Fringe Rock.

Dazzle Rebel

Dazzle Rebel Discography – available on:

Condor (Acoustic Version)

Single released February 11, 2022

UPC: 196698814323

Swan Song (Radio Edit)

Single released November 26, 2021

UPC: 196510004048

Condor Leader

Track Listing:

  1. Whisky Man
  2. Stop the Silence
  3. Blood Red Valentine
  4. Swan Song
  5. Back Home and Sober
  6. Condor

Mini-Album released July 23, 2021

UPC: 198000232627

Blood Red Valentine

Single released January 29, 2021

UPC: 195999157900

Back Home and Sober

Single released December 01, 2020

UPC: 195448678567

The Attic Transmission

Track Listing:

Side 1: The Attic Transmission

  1. Four Horsemen
  2. This Burning Town
  3. A Fear of Violence
  4. Down and Out
  5. Fortitude
  6. Intermission

Side 2: The Attic Sessions (Demos)

  1. Your Heart is a Combustion Engine and It’s Spitting Flames, So Get It On! (Demo)
  2. Time Travel Shuffle (Demo)
  3. Badass Motherfucker (Demo)
  4. Ace Cafe Grind (Demo)
  5. Gone Moto Vloggin’ (Theme from Dazzle Rebel Rides)
  6. The Whore Next Door (Demo)

Double-EP released October 05, 2020

UPC: 195079310034


Single released May 11, 2020

UPC: 195079410307

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