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  • The Attic Transmission – released 5th October 2020
The Attic Transmission is a double EP with two distinctive sounds. EP1 is The Attic Transmission, a studio concept EP that tells the story of a dystopian world filled with political corruption, pollution and megalomanic mega-corporations (sound familiar)? It speaks of the people and planet fighting back and ends with a tale of an apathetic individual finding inner strength.

EP2, The Attic Sessions is introduced with a live intermission. It’s a series of demo recordings written for a band that never was. Although this band no longer represents where Dazzle Rebel is taking his music, he felt that this music would never see the light of day if it wasn’t released as bonus material.


  • Back Home and Sober – released 1st December 2020
Remember that time when going out and having a blast with your mates was all that got you through the week? Relive that experience with Back Home and Sober, my latest single!
  • Fortitude – released 11th May 2020
Some songs write themselves and Fortitude was one of them that just rolled off my guitar. I have always found that songwriting helps me deal with what’s going on in my life and that was certainly the case with this track.

During a particularly dark episode, I poured a whisky, picked up my guitar and started playing. By the time I had emptied my whisky glass Fortitude was complete and my state of mind had improved dramatically.

Fortitude is a very personal track but if it helps you find some solace too then I am pleased to have helped you in any small way.