Dazzle Rebel Heads for the Stars!

ESA LetterThis morning I received a letter. This isn’t just any letter, it’s a letter that I have been waiting for since I sent my application to the Guiana Space Centre well over a year ago. The position I applied for was the Utilities Manager working on the MARS2020 project. The role is basically the ESA equivalent of a janitor but nevertheless the role is very exciting as it means I’ll be leaving the UK to spend the next 6 months in basic systems training in Guiana before a further 12 months astronaut training at the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida. This will be followed by a 6 month trip to ISS so we can become acclimatized to working in zero gravity, obviously I am very excited about this particular part of the training. Continue reading “Dazzle Rebel Heads for the Stars!”

Mars One – Dazzle Rebel to be first man on Mars?

o-MARS-ONE-facebookStranger things have certainly happened. How cool would it be to be the first man, sorry I mean ‘person’ (gotta be politically correct these days) to set foot on the Red Planet. That chance could come to one of the 24 people the Mars One Mission is planning to send on a one-way trip to our planetary neighbour.

As a long time fan of space travel I have to admire the ambition of a non-political commercial party attempting to do what no government has yet committed to and place a permanent settlement on Mars. For the lucky 24 who will get a seat on this mission it’s pretty much a certainty that it’s a one way trip, meaning they will live out the rest of their lives on the Red Planet. This isn’t science fiction even though it may seem like it. Yes indeed ten years from now there may be a foundling colony on Mars. Suddenly the 80’s classic movie Total Recall springs to mind!

So the big question is would you be prepared to travel on a one way mission to Mars and spend the rest of your life there? In return you are assured immortality as one of the founding fathers of humanities first forays into colonising space. Is such a trade worth it? What do you think?

For more information visit www.mars-one.com

#OpFunKill ~ or ~ How I learned to stop worrying and make a stand

Dolphins Slaughtered in Taiji Cove Drives

avatar_opfunkill_godzillaBefore I continue let me get something right out in the open because it may well have an effect on how you perceive this post. Activism is not something that I’ve particularly gotten myself into before. Yes, I love animals especially the cute, funny and odd ones but I also like to eat them. That’s right, I eat meat and always have done and have no plans to stop as I consider a perfectly cooked rib-eye a rare (excuse the pun) treat. But that’s not to say I approve of mistreatment of animals and I would certainly hope that the animals that died to feed my appetite were well treated while they were alive and euthanized as humanly as possible. I am making an effort to reduce my meat intake but that’s a post for another day. This post is because regardless of the fact that I have no issue eating meat I am not a monster, I am an omnivore who cares about the welfare of animals. Got that? Good.

You may have seen the posts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets that display graphic images of dolphins being driven into coves to be slaughtered, allegedly, so that the fishermen doing this can feed their community. Sorry but that’s utter bullshit. If you’ve seen the images you’ll have noted the smiles and smirks on the fisherman’s faces as they harpoon, cut and hack away at their victims turning the sea red with blood. In the twenty-first century there is no reason for these communities to rely on these dolphins for food, let alone cause highly intelligent animals so much distress before they finally breathe their last breath. It’s not as if dolphin meat is particularly healthy either, containing high levels of mercury it could well be enough to lead to mercury poisoning.

Below are some videos showing what’s going on and why you should help #OpFunKill to raise awareness and help to demand that these drives be stopped. Continue reading “#OpFunKill ~ or ~ How I learned to stop worrying and make a stand”

The Dazzle Rebel Show on TBFM TONIGHT!

DJ Dazzle Rebel Show 17

Tonights show on TBFM Online Radio aims to take you back to your school days with a Back to School Special! Playing a diverse range of tracks, many of which chosen by TBFM listeners, ranging from Joy Division to Madness, Supertramp to Van Halen plus some great music from emerging bands such as Exit StateBlack Belt KarateTitans & KingsNew Generation SuperstarsJettBlack and Agenda. Also TBFM’s very first play of the new single “Here We Stand” by New Device!

It’s such a jam-packed, hoot-tootin’, banjo-shootin’ show you’ll forget that you’ve got school in the morning!

Tune in 9pm – Midnight

See you in the chatroom,


Get with the heat motherf**ker!

As the mercury soars into the 30’s (that’s about 90੦F for the rest of the world) the good folk of the UK divide into chilled out sun worshipers and hot-heated anarchists. It’s a sorry state but the rest of the world laughs at the ‘Britishness’ of moaning about the weather; “you call that hot” someone from Las Vegas asked me the other night “that’s not even getting started”. Nevertheless we have the perfect excuse “it’s a different kind of heat”.

It’s of course the complete opposite when winter comes and we get ‘the cold snap’. People panic because there’s a little bit of snow outside. That’s it, close the airports, shut the schools and call in work because you’ve been ‘snowed in’. My friends in Finland laugh at us. Of course we have the perfect excuse here too “it’s the wrong type of snow”. Seriously what the f**k does that mean?

Now I do have to admit that yes, Las Vegas is indeed a very different type of heat than what we get here in merry England. It’s dry, like a clay oven whereas we get that hot, sticky heat because of the amount of humidity in the air. The UK heat is a similar heat to what you get on the Spanish islands, that so many of us flock to each summer, yet that doesn’t seem to matter. The “wrong kind of snow” argument I can’t be doing with though, during the last ‘cold snap’ I rode a 650cc motorcycle with no special snow tyres over 100 miles through a mixture of light and heavy snowfall and made it home safely. Two wheels compared to four and I didn’t die now you’re telling me you can’t get your 4×4 Chelsea tractor 3 miles down the road? Bah!

20130717_152233While I am without a doubt more short-fused in this sweltering rainforest weather we’re currently experiencing in the UK, I do on the whole welcome it. My tan is certainly coming along fine, even if I am now suffering from prickly heat caused, I’m told by a dermatologist, by sun lotion containing ‘Aqua’ (ain’t that just water)? My vitamin D levels are through the roof. I’m happy. I’m even losing weight on account of not wanting to eat that much and I’m replenishing my lost fluids with tasty alcoholic beverages. Life is good when the sun shines so stop moaning motherf**kers!


Special Show Poll

Finally I’ve relented and given my listeners the chance to vote on my next ‘special show’. It’s dead simple, all you need to do is take a look at the list below and let me know what type of special show you’d like me to do on my TBFM Radio slot. The Poll will be open until I’ve had enough votes to close it so get voting and spread the word!

Note: You can vote again each day so come back again!

30th April – NaPoWriMo


An Ode to National Poetry Writing Month

So my thirty days of poetry is up
Never before have I been so prolific and writing this stuff
I used to think poetry was a pile of shite
Something for nobbers who value modern art and all that tripe

In the past month I’ve brought you so much crap
So I’ll take a bow and give a tip of my hat
Cus’ there’s something I’ve realised during this month
There’s so many poets I’m just the billy-onth

And so many people are better than me
They don’t just write rubbish but at least I’m gutsy
I’ve told it how I see it, not more I can do
Now this is cliche goodbye, yep from me to you

So my thirty days of poetry is up
Never again will I be so prolific and writing this stuff
‘Cus I still think that poetry is pretty shite
I’ll leave it for the nobbers who value modern art and all that tripe

29th April – NaPoWriMo


Monday Again

It’s Monday again but we’re almost there
So don’t drown yourself, come up for air
This poetry shite is very nearly done
And I can’t really say that it’s been much fun
I guess that you have to take it for what it is
Something for wankers covered in jizz
But on we plough theres only one more day
And then thank god it can go away!

28th April – NaPoWriMo


Tonight is the Dazzle Rebel Sunday Show

Yes TONIGHT is the Dazzle Rebel Sunday Show
But there’s no need to worry, there’s not far to go
Sit down and relax in your favourite seat
And from 7-10 I’m there to greet
With plenty of hard rockin’ music and all
So let down your hair, we’ll all have a ball
Turn On, Tune In and Rock the FOOK Out!
Sod of the neighbours who cares if they shout?
Instead you should invite them around
To join in the party that you have helped found
On TBFM every Sunday night
With me Dazzle Rebel I’ll make it alright
I’ll see you all there, like a spark in the gloom
To the TBFM Internet Chatroom!

Tune in to the show from 7-10pm tonight on www.TBFMonline.co.uk