Discussion: What motorcycle gear to wear when it’s HOT!

What motorcycle gear should you wear when the mercury rises to breaking point? Do you squid it and risk being flayed like a victim of House Bolton or do you go for nothing else but full leathers and chance becoming a boil-in-the-bag biker? Perhaps, like me, you opt for a happy medium?

Whatever you do it’s time to sit down and discuss ‘what motorcycle gear to wear when it’s hot’.

Thanks for watching, what are your thoughts on HOT WEATHER motorcycle gear? Do you squid it or play it safe?

Indian Motorcycle 2017 Line-Up Announced!

“forging new legends” is the catchphrase for 2017 emea (europe, middle east and africa region) indian motorcycle range.

Indian like to surprise us with new models and I didn’t see this one coming. Granted there are no ‘new – new’ models in the 2017 but there are some significant changes.

Let’s start with the news that will no doubt be grabbing the headlines; Indian’s all-new RIDE COMMAND integrated sat-nav/ride computer/entertainment system. Featured as standard on all 2017 Roadmaster and Chieftain models (excluding the Chieftain Dark Horse) it’s a 7″ (the BIGGEST integral screen on a production motorcycle) touchscreen with customisable split-screens that can be operated with a gloved hand. It’s linked to Indian Motorcycle’s premium audio system which bangs out an impressive 100 watts on the Chieftain and a positively head-thumping 200 watts on the Roadmaster.

The display is customisable allowing you to see any combination of eight different screens that include Vehicle Status, Vehicle Info, Trip 1, Trip 2, Ride Data, Audio, Bluetooth and Map/Navigation. Looking at the videos it looks to be one of the easiest to operate on the market.

2017 Indian Scout

The next major change sees the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty receive technical updates including recalibrated rear shocks, improved looks for wiring harness, a redesigned rear header exhaust pipe to give more leg clearance, a swingarm bearing cover and increased steering lock. The Scout Sixty will also be able to be modified to be A2 licence compliant.

In addition the Scout will now be available in a two-tone colour scheme, which to me at least, is reminiscent of the RSD Super Hooligan custom bike.

2017 Indian Chief Classic

There are colour changes throughout the rest of the range too, with the Chief Classic being available in a metallic burgundy/black two-tone as well as the pearl white which many have dubbed the Pale Horse. The Roadmaster gets a black seat across most of it’s colour schemes (much needed if you ask me) though the lovely bright metallic blue or ‘Blue Diamond’ is gone. Let’s see a daring bright yellow bike next year hey?

What do you think of the new line-up? Drop me a comment below but in the meanwhile take a look through the gallery.

Grizzly sets new World Record on a Victory Tourer

Uber-mad Swiss endurance rider Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita has achieved a new World Record by circumnavigating five continents in 119 days and 21 hours by motorcycle. The time set includes the time that his Victory Cross Country Tour motorcycle was flown or shipped between continents, unlike other records which do not include the transfer time.

Riding a total of 47,390 miles (that 76,277 km for those using the metric system) and a riding time of 72 days and 13 hours he smashed the previous ‘riding time’ record of 120 days and 2 hours by 47 days and 13 hours!

He finished his ride on Sunday 10th July at Volusia Motorsports in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Speaking of his trip Grizzly said “with this journey the spirit of the pioneers of the past has been re-established”.

The record set by Grizzly is different to that set by Nick Sanders and the team of Kevin and Julia Sanders as theirs were circumnavigation records. Grizzly’s record was a circumnavigation through each continents longest axis. To compare the feat Grizzly rode about double the mileage of these record breakers covering around 76,000 km compared to 32,000 km.

Previous records set by Nick Sanders include his 1997 attempt on a Triumph Daytona 900, covering 32,070 km in a riding time of 31 days. His 2005 record was set aboard a Yamaha R1 achieved the feat in 19 days and 4 hours.

Kevin and Julia Sanders (no relation to Nick) set their combined record in 2002 with a riding time of 19 days and 8 hours on a BMW R1150GS and covered 31,319 km.