Front Page DJ 2For Dazzle Rebel his love of music started in the late 80’s when he was still a child of single digits. Then in 1990 he received one of the best Christmas presents of his life, a radio/deck-to-deck ghetto blaster and a copy of Smash Hits 1990 on double cassette. This would be the foundry of many of the mixtapes that were to follow as Guns N’ Roses gave way to Nirvana and on through the rise of Indie and Nu Metal. All of these mixtapes had one common denominator; everybody loved them!

His first chance to DJ came while on tour playing bass guitar with his band Red Star Rebels, they were headlining a show in London and the DJ had gone missing. No DJ meant no after-show party! Daz saw his opportunity and jumped into action keeping the dance floor filled for hours until the club manager got tired and decided everyone else was keeping him up. That simple twist of fate led Dazzle’s services to be called on again and again until soon he realised he soon realised that he was enjoying the DJ game as much as playing in a band.

As a DJ Daz is heavily influenced by Tommy Vance, Bob Harris and John Peel but admits “my memory is crap, so where they could reel off facts and interesting anecdotes, I’m left talking absolute bollocks…” but adds with a wry smile “…but I do play the best tunes”.