2011 Skint… …and Dangerous

“Skint and Dangerous” is my debut EP that was released on December 29th 2011 as a demo.  It is available on made to order CD and for download at www.reverbnation.com/dazzlerebel.  It contains the following tracks:

  1. I Hate Everything
  2. Sidewinder Swing
  3. Read Between the Lines
  4. Back Home and Sober

I wrote the chorus to ‘I Hate Everything’ in 2006 but it was rejected as being too strong a title for Red Star Rebels who I was playing with at the time.  I disagreed and decided to continue working on it.  After unsuccessful attempts at verses I shelved it until October 2011 when I began working on it again.  This time I gave it a bit more swagger and it seemed to sit a lot nicer.  The lyrics just rolled off and within about 30 minutes I had the lyrics and chord structure to the whole song. Lyrics.

‘Sidewinder Swing’ was originally written back in 2007 as I was pondering leaving Red Star Rebels.  As a song it is pretty much an ode to Clint Eastwood’s ‘Man With No Name’ character from the Spaghetti Westerns. Lyrics.

‘Read Between the Lines’ was originally written way back in about 2000 and was originally recorded on an 8 track Fostex digital recorder.  I had always meant to work on it further but it was one of those songs that slipped to the back of my mind until I found the earlier recording of it in August 2011.  I knew it would be able to add a bit more zest to it and decided to include it on the ‘Skint’ EP. Lyrics.

I had the basic verse riff for ‘Back Home and Sober’ as far back as 1998 but struggled to find anything to work with it.  By 2001 I had worked out the chorus and a few lines of the verse but every time I tried to get it recorded it never really sat right.  By the time I set off to record ‘Skint’ I was determined to make it work so I thrashed around with it for a few days and came up with the chorus riff.  It feels good to finally get this song donw (but is it finshed?) Lyrics.

This is EP is available here.

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