Attic Transmissions FRONT ONLY x150

The Attic Transmissions – EP released December 2012: “A Fear of Violence”, “Four Horsemen”, “This Burning Town”, “Down & Out”. Available on CD or digital download from ReverbNation or BandCamp.


Skint N’ Dangerous – Demo EP released December 2011: “I Hate Everything”, “Sidewinder Swing”, “Read Between the Lines”, “Back Home & Sober”. Available on CD or for download at ReverbNation.

New Generation Superstars:

Hell City Demo – Demo 2011: “Hell City”, “Guess What?”.

Star – Music Video 2010.

Red Star Rebels:

Red Star Rebels – EP 2007 (discontinued): “I Know What I Saw”, “Victory Victoria”, Bulletproof Love”, “You’re Just Another Drug I’ve Got To Kick”.

You’re Just Another Drug – Music Video 2006.

F**k N’ Run – EP 2006 (discontinued): “Nikki Heartache”, “Queen Of Obscene”, “Rock N’ Roll”.

The Fall of the Rebel Angelz – EP 2006 (discontinued): “Breakout”, Get It Together”, “Used to be a Lover”.

At Her Majesty’s Pleasure – EP 2005 (discontinued): “Breakout Live at HMP Bedford”, “Get it Together”, “Let it Die”.

Too Young To Care – EP 2005 (discontinued): “Too Young to Care”, “The Fast Die Young (and Pretty)”, “Hold”, “In it for the Kicks”.

Too Young To Care – DVD 2005 (discontinued): “Too Young to Care (music video)”, “Meet the Rebels (rockumentary)”, “Fast Die Young (music video)”.


This is the Start – LP 2004 (discontinued): “It’s Alright”, “Fight for Yesterday”, “The Unknown”, “Red City Hill”, “This is the Start”, “Some Other Feeling”, “Lean into the Light”, “Left a Lotta Love”, “Hurting”, “On Your Gun”, “Get it Together”, “Overloaded”, “Keep Her”, “Nothing Burns Brighter”.

Don’t F**K with my Rhythm & Blues – EP 2003 (discontinued): “Fight for Yesterday”, “Left a Lotta Love”, “Get it Together”, “Star of the Sea”.