Welcome to the online hub for the interstellar Rock Star Biker Dazzle Яebel!

Born during a furious clash of cymbals and thunderous bass rumbling in an age long forgotten by modern man. The spawn of a fire-breathing prog rock monster and a disco dancing ice witch, the story of Dazzle Яebel is the true Story of Ice and Fire!

The young Dazzle Яebel was drawn to the neon lights and loose lifestyle of seedy Rock clubs and biker haunts. He cut his teeth playing dirty rock music that’d make your Daddy’s blood run red and make ya Mamma wet. Still things didn’t turn out the way the young Rebel hoped, as the demand for nihilistic sleazy song and high-octane antics dried up. Swept away in a dust bowl of stripped-back and incredibly mundane pop music. The generation that wanted to be self-loathing emo-hippies weren’t ready to buy into anything that made life fun.

Tired and frustrated he hopped on his motorcycle and took to the road. Hoping to find something, anything to believe in. He spent time living with the Soul Sisters of Shangri-La where he learned their Song of Silence. He rode the Deep House Love Train with the Boogie Men of Boogieland. He watched the Waves of Wanderlust clash on the Shore of Transcendence and returned to the Badlands of Bratt to cash the cheque.

Refreshed and inspired he is back. After nearly a decade in the wilderness he is once again riding along and making song.

Currently working on new material whilst making bikin’ videos for his quickly growing YouTube channel. You can check out his progress here:

Dazzle Яebel Rides – bikin’ videos for anyone who loves motorbikes.

Dazzle Яebel Official – music videos and general music related banter.

Hope you enjoyed that bombastic biography. If you want something a little less grandiose and without the lofty tales (i.e. something with a little more facts) take a look at this page;