New Feature: Weekly Highlights

I’ve decided that I need to push myself a little harder. I used to do a lot of blogging, which is where this website originated in the first place. There are plenty of old ditties from over a decade ago flying around the vaults of this website. I used to find writing things down helped me remember things better as I remember writing about them if you get that?

So, every Monday (give or take) I’ll be posting a regular bloggy-type thing where I give a brief rundown of my highlights from the previous week. This will be anything from stories of what I’ve been up to that week through to things pulled from my social media pages and beyond.

I feel that the past decade has flown by, so I’m doing this as an exercise for me to keep track of my own life! The fact that you’re reading this and wanna come along for the ride is a brilliant added bonus.

So this being the first post I’m actually going to go all the way back to Easter Bank Holiday weekend. Here’s something from Facebook:

Big thank you to Lisa, Celina and Gemma for being superb sports today. Also to Gill for taking some fantastic photos and Jason for letting us use his gaff.
This is just a very quickly done test clip but it will give you a little clue as to what this video is going to turn out like.
Thanks, everyone, enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend!

The rest of the week I was busy mixing another new track. Mixing is a funny thing, every time I think I’m getting the hang of it I realise how far away I am from anything sounding like it was done in a proper studio. Sure, I’m working on a computer that’s a decade and a half old and a DAW that’s about the same age but I know I can produce a decent sound if I put the effort in. It’s the learning curve and lack of time that always sticks me in the ribs.

Maybe it would be easier to upgrade my studio? Maybe that would make a difference? I dunno, I just figure that’d be cheating or a bad workman blaming his tools. I am determined to get as good a sound on what I’m using as possible before I invest in something else. Maybe I’m my own worst critic? You’ll find out soon when the first of my “rough cut” singles comes out on 13th May!

Well, that’ll do for today. Have a smashing week and I’ll see you again soon!

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