Blue Bones and Warm Tones ~ New Music Friday

This is my first in a (hopefully) weekly roundup of new music that I’ve been listening to this week. First up I’ve got this smashing number by Billy Nomates.

Blue Bones was released on 6th April so it’s been out a few weeks but I’ve been playing it at least five times a day ever since. I first heard about Billy Nomates through her collaboration with Sleaford Mods on the single Mork N’ Mindy. After hearing that I instantly went to see what kind of back catalogue she had and was greeted with some absolute bangers.

Blue Bones is a bit more mellow than most of her previous work but it’s one of my favourites already. Tor Maries aka Billy Nomates has a beautifully unique voice and I highly recommend checking out her stuff, if you haven’t done so already.

The second release that I’d like to share this week is from my friend Aaron James’ (aka AJ Superstar) new band, The Rebel Yell$. They were formed just before the lockdown and wrote this EP during that summer.

My favourite track from the EP is The Past is a Bullet which I’ve added to my Summer Hot Rocks playlist that I’m currently building. If you have any suggestions for new music to add to this playlist let me know!

What have you been listening to this week? Anything you’d like to make me aware of? Hit me up below or find me on my socials!

Have a great weekend!

Dazzle Rebel