Condor Dealer – Out Now!

5-Star Rated Mini-Album, Condor Leader returns with stripped-back acoustic versions and a new title, Condor Dealer!

You may have already heard that Dazzle Rebel spent his New Year’s Eve recording an acoustic version of Condor Leader title track, Condor? He managed to accomplish it in one night and in less than 5 hours. Well, he found the exercise so liberating that he decided to carry on and record the rest of Condor Leader, one song per day.

The result is this raw, honest and stripped-back version of his sophomore collection of songs. Condor Dealer is out now and available for FREE download through Bandcamp, including bonus digital content. If streaming is more your thing then it’s also available through all major streaming services.

To find it through your streaming service of choice, go ahead and visit and add the music automatically to your collection.