Get Your Hands On My 2022 Swag Bags!

I’ve extended my line of Swag Bags to include a general Dazzle Rebel 2022 item. As these will be available for the whole year and are not connected to any particular release these will be limited to 100 units, nearly half of which have already been pre-ordered by my friends and followers on Bandcamp! Wow, thank you. (If you’re not already, there’s a good reason to give my Bandcamp a follow)!

The 2022 Dazzle Rebel Swag Bag includes:

  • 3x Dazzle Rebel guitar picks (different designs depending on availability).
  • A handwritten lyric sheet for a song of your choice (choose from the list in the options).
  • A Handwritten personal message from me to you.
  • A Dazzle Doodle Drawing (a unique hand-drawn doodle for each bag).

So, if you want to grab yourself a unique little keepsake hit the link below or click on the picture. Hurry, they’re going fast!

Gimme sum sugar, sugar...

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