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Moto Bloggin’ on

As Dazzle Rebel Rides takes a step back from regular Moto Vlogging I will be countering the loss of a weekly vlog with a new monthly Moto Blog here on

Compiling the highlights from any two-wheeled adventures I may have during the winter season, along with my choice cuts of news from the motorcycle world my aim is to keep your whistle wet and looking forward to spring. The yet to be titled monthly moto-blog (hang on, let’s just call it “Moto Bloggin'”) will be published on the first Monday of the month at 5pm gmt beginning Monday 4th December.

This doesn’t mean that there will be no videos on the Dazzle Rebel Rides YouTube channel during that period. In fact I am hoping to bring you the odd list video, news story and new model walk-arounds in the meantime. What is does mean is that during the cold and grim months of December through to February I will be spending less time editing videos and more time with a guitar in hand making music. More on that later!

So remember to hit that subscribe button and any change your notification settings accordingly to never miss a video or blog post. I’ll speak to you guys again soon but in the meantime please feel free to leave me a comment below. Laters ‘taters!