Indian Scout launch new Bobber

The new Indian Scout Bobber

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Indian Motorcycle have released their own take on the Bobber concept based on what other bike than the Scout.

There’s nothing really surprising about the route they’ve taken with the concept; cut down the rear fender, remove the front fender and stick on the smallest one possible to satisfy the Eurocrats and safety lobby, black out the wheels, replace the traditional clocks with a blacked-out set, stick on a set of blacked-out tracker bars and replace the headlight for something reminiscent of the Chief Dark Horse. There’s also a new seat to accommodate the new fender.

Speaking of which, unlike the Triumph Bobber you have the option of taking a passenger by adding a pillion kit. This means that you can effectively have two different bikes for the price of one. Add the 1920’s floating solo seat to complete the ‘bobber’ look (and out-drag and out maneuver your pals on the Triumph) or slip on the two-up kit and cruise along with your significant other in tow.

The riding position has also been changed, with the pegs moved 1.5″ (38mm) rearwards to complement the aforementioned tracker bars. The rear suspension has been lowered 1″ (25mm) and a new set of front fork cartridges have been added to give, as Indian put it “new feel and energy to the ride”. Oh and there’s some knobbly-style tyres too!

The result, as should be expected from Indian, is right on trend and very high quality. What is surprising is the range of colours available, as historically, Polaris have been cautious with releasing too many paint schemes on new models. For the Scout Bobber there’s Indian Motorcycle Red (with a gradient black on the side of the tank), Thunder Black (gloss black), Thunder Black Smoke (matte black), Star Silver Smoke (matte silver) and a new colour to the Indian Motorcycle palette, Bronze Smoke (something we might see on a future Dark Horse, possibly)?

The Indian Scout Bobber will be priced from £11,299 here in the UK. The EMEA region launch date (that’s us in the UK) is still to be announced but will be sometime late 2017.

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