New Indian Four Concept Design | Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle have said that there will be an influx of new models coming out over the next few years. While the obvious releases will be a road-going version of the FTR750 and a bike that fills the cruiser gap between the Scout and the Dark Horse/Chief Classic, I’m rather taken with the idea of a new Indian Four.

The original machine was ahead of it’s time, a luxury land yacht on two wheels. So with that in mind I took to PhotoShop and quickly came up with some cut and paste design concepts.

With the following ideas I’ve taken images of bikes currently in the Indian/Victory lineup and mixed them up a little bit. Let me know what you think.

1: The Classic Touring Bike. Based on the current Indian Roadmaster this concept will make use of a similar fairing fixed on the front forks. The engine will be a water-cooled 120ci/1966cc four designed to run as smoothly as possible whilst returning big power and torque figures alongside class-leading fuel economy. It would sit at the top of the Indian Motorcycle line as their flagship motorcycle.

2: The Naked Power Cruiser. Taking the Dark Horse concept and inserting a powerful 120cu four cylinder engine. With up-rated suspension for a more sporty ride and a fat 250-section rear tyre for added road presence.

3: The Modern Touring Bike. Taking all the knowledge that Polaris has learned about two wheel technology this design takes a powerful water-cooled 120ci/1966cc four cylinder engine and inserts it into a state of the art touring chassis. The fixed fairing design allows for optimal airflow over the bike without affecting handling allowing the rider to cruiser in comfort or carve up the canyons at will.

4: The Custom Cruiser. Most custom cruisers are based around a V-Twin but not this one. A 120ci four takes pride of place in the centre of this bike, providing brutal power for lighting up the boulevard and making a big statement.

Watch the video here:

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