Why I’m Voting OUT in the EU Referendum

Why I’ve decided to vote out:

I consider myself a bit of a lefty. I make no secret that I’m a bit of a liberal (in the actual sense not Lib-Deb supporter) but I want out of Europe. The idea of the European Union is sound but in practice it’s just a bureaucratic nightmare that supports big business and corporations. The big guys have all the power in the EU and the small firms that have no lobbying power have none.

Given all the information (or lack of) I have come to this conclusion after cutting through all the scaremongering.

A vote OUT is scary, nobody knows what will happen but it’s a vote for greater democracy. A vote to remain is a vote to keep things the same and allow the big guys to keep all the control.

All the scaremongering aside it boils down to one thing; a vote for real change or a vote to remain the same.

In my opinion things are not working and haven’t been for a long time. In fact year on year we hear of more small businesses crumbling, more laws and regulations passed that have no relevance in the UK. I do not want to pass on the opportunity to increase the power of my vote by leaving the EU. I want things to change.

Voting OUT does not make you a UKIP supporter, it does not make you anti-trade or anti-Europe. It doesn’t make you anti-environmentalism or anti-NHS. It means that you want your vote to have greater meaning in a parliament without any EU interference allowing us the opportunity for better democratic process.

Voting OUT doesn’t mean that we will become an insular and inward looking country. It frees us from the EU constraints and means we can forge our own relations with the outside world.

I will be voting OUT on 23rd June.


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